By izzy46111 - 11/11/2014 16:56 - United States - Scottsdale

Today, I saw a long black hair coming out of the drain. Thinking it was my sister's, I called her in and pulled it out for her to see, only to realize I was actually pulling out a long brown roach by the antenna. FML
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Oh that's nasty.

Time to burn down the house. No other options.


Oh that's nasty.

Yeah... Probably the only thing I think nastier than pulling thick hair out of a drain...

If that happens, you run.

This is absolutely HILARIOUS!

The first thing I thought of when I read the first half of the sentence of this FML was 'the grudge'. That movie has ruined me.

43 The Grudge definitely came to mind!

Reading this FML give me the chills from head to toe

how not The Ring???

Supernasty those roaches. Hope you squashed it

NellieeNell 18

Haha! I read your comment in Cleveland's voice.

#55 because The Ring isnt half as scary.

rdenkewicz 11

If only it were a hair.

did anyone else think of the grudge when they first started reading?

dead or alive?

Alive. The flying type.

I squirmed at the thought of it. FYL

Time to burn down the house. No other options.

100% agree

And the whole block. Just for good measure. Better safe than sorry

Stuff like this is what atomic bombs were made for.

Lct1196 31

Nope. They'll survive the radiation. Jeez, haven't you watched ANY post apocalyptic movies?

Maybe burn the state down.... You know, you don't want Any more nasties

skittycat213 19

And send reinforcements to mars! Thank you Terra Formars

I hope THAT didn't come from your sister.

Oh god haha I feel sorry for you.

Holy sheez that gave me the heebyyy jeeebyyyys ewwwwww lol

I'm curious as to why OP had to point out a single hair in the drain to his sister. Women's hairs go down drains all the time; you cannot prevent it.

Right. I know from experience that women's hair always ends up in drains and pile up.

Men's hairs, by contrast only go down the drain sometimes and can be prevented.

Reading this honesty made me cringe and hold back vomit. Sorry op but this is like a horror movie to me, cockroaches and worms are two things I'm VERY afraid of.

I like how you're getting downvotes for no reason. Lol. FML is harsh. I did something similar once when I was ten, thought there was a hair in my sink drain, then realised it was a roach as I pulled it out. Cried and made my dad kill it. I feel your grossed out vibes, hahah.