By nicole - 27/05/2011 20:52 - United States

Today, I saw a hot guy at the laundromat. Wanting an excuse to talk to him, I tossed a pair of my red underwear into his washer. What I didn't realize was that he was washing his whites. Thanks to me, he now has an entire load of pink shirts and boxers. FML
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choirnerd9 0

That's not slutty at all XD

JennaMarie420 2

why couldn't you just say hi?


choirnerd9 0

That's not slutty at all XD

DudeImBetter 0

I agree, be way more sluttier next time.

I agree, thats also nasty. What a SLUT.

TylersMB 0

ahaha agreed. be more slutty. lol.

EffinToofer 3

Nobody wants your nasty panties in their wash. Gross.

50 stop reposting comments, nobody will thumb them up...

tjv3 10

why would you do that? what wad going to be the excuse of how they got in there?? "sorry the crabs liked your washer better "?

TylersMB 0

83 - my goal isnt to get people to give my comments thumbs up. i just agreed. go away.

shoulda taken ur bloody pad out of the panties first

and by the way OP that's the worst way to get someones attention ever.

PinkRoboto 0

dude his laundry turned pink because the panties were red not because of a used pad. red and white make pink.

I'm pretty sure that was a joke...

OnlyAFeckWanker 0

I love the fact that Tyler car guy is like "ahahahahaha yeh u guyz i agree lol" and everyone is like "no"

TylersMB 0

136 - who the fuck are you? i simply said i agreed i didnt giggle like a little girl hoping that id get a chance to sit with the popular kids at lunch because i agreed.please, shut the fuck up.

logcabin69 0

hmmm someone needs to unravel his panties!!

and who the fuck are you Tyler? he was just making a funny observation. I find it funny as well ha ha ha shut the fuck up.

rebekahah 7

136- wow. don't cry, little guy. :S

I personally think everyone is taking the comment out of proportion. lol Let's just have fun. :)

Imagine this would be Tedd from How I Met Your Mother telling his kids how he met their mother XD

I bet people now refer to that guy as gay for having pink articles.

kaylaroxxurmom 0

u r dum it was a joke

OnlyAFeckWanker 0

whoa whoa whoa, Tyler cool your engine bro. By the way, Im Sami. Nice to meet you

sir... please shut the fuck up


today, some slut threw her panties into my white wash at the laundromat. Now every white thing I own is pink. FML.

114 I'm glad to see you know red and white makes pink... you must be one of those girls you screw but never try to have a intelligent conversation with.

Next time maybe you should just try a "hey"

I don't think it's slutty. It was dumb but not slutty.

real men wear pink

johnson94 5

dont kid youself, that's just an excuse for douchebags to wear pink...

Says the guy wearing booty shorts.

"It takes a real man to wear pink." Yeah. A real gay man.

johnson94 5

bitches be jealous of my booty shorts :)

Is it just me, or does OP sound like a slut?

OnlyAFeckWanker 0

Johnson...... she boomed you...

2 - you stole those words right out of my mouth haha

btnhdude 0

gay men wear pink. Ed let me put those words back in your mouth, but don't let'm out again. cuz it isn't true.

169 - you are such a branding and judging homophobe .

Hate it when my shirts turn pink

deafeningsilence 8

It happens often? You don't learn from your mistakes?

TylersMB 0

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btnhdude 0

Tyler soundin like a tool agreein and sayin the same thing somebody else said.

you should probably stop throwing your red panties in with your whites then...

102 why are you such a fan boy of Tyler?

JennaMarie420 2

why couldn't you just say hi?

I agree, that's how MOST people introduce themselves.. what a whore!

brycereid 0

36. - stop trolling everyone's comments your a BITCH

TylersMB 0

i agree, should have just said something.. and you couldnt notice that he was washing all whites? thats just stupid. good attempt i guess haha

DearLar 0

because then it wouldn't be a fml .

that would be to easy! why do it simple when you can end up paying for the clothes and get him mad as hell instead? :D

GreenMaze 0

that's a redy idea

Because that's too mainstream for OP.

jennt89 10

You're a moron.

Yeah, how did you NOT notice that all the clothing in his load was white?

misstamz 0

Couldnt just approach him?

yougotapes 7

no of course not....

maidofawesome 0

So did he talk to you?

You could have just talked to him, you don't really need an excuse.

you couldn't take 1 second to look at the clothes in there? and underwear? that's really skanky

deafeningsilence 8

OP *is* skanky.

And it's dirt underoos, too!!

I like that, underoos haha red dirty tiger striped underoos are no bueno for ice breakers

Well, he's obviously gay... No straight man I know sorts his clothes...

so all your straight friends have pink socks an underwear? I think not

OneLittleAdditio 9

no dummy. bleach is what makes the color come out and make the rest of the clothes pink!

OneLittleAdditio 9

no dummy. bleach is what makes the color come out and make the rest of the clothes pink!


actually bleach doesn't make e color come out since black is the absence of color and bleach doesn't make it black, white is all colors mixed together.

CRrawsum 7

Dude, the presence of all light is white, absence of all light is black. Presence of all colors is black, absence of all color is white.

No. 86 is right. Light and dye are not the same thing. You think if you grab all you crayons and draw them on top of each other you're gonna come out with paper that's still white?

118, you're referring to pigment when you talk about crayons, however, color in and if itself is a reflection of light. it was not my intent to say 86 was wrong about absence of colour. I took her comment to mean that she was saying 85 was completely wrong and THAT is not correct.

SpeechQween94 14

You've got white and black mixed up. Black is all the colors together.