By nicole - United States
Today, I saw a hot guy at the laundromat. Wanting an excuse to talk to him, I tossed a pair of my red underwear into his washer. What I didn't realize was that he was washing his whites. Thanks to me, he now has an entire load of pink shirts and boxers. FML
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  TylersMB  |  0

ahaha agreed. be more slutty. lol.

  TylersMB  |  0

136 - who the fuck are you? i simply said i agreed i didnt giggle like a little girl hoping that id get a chance to sit with the popular kids at lunch because i agreed.please, shut the fuck up.

  JManHobbs  |  0

No. 86 is right. Light and dye are not the same thing. You think if you grab all you crayons and draw them on top of each other you're gonna come out with paper that's still white?

  justsomgirl  |  4

118, you're referring to pigment when you talk about crayons, however, color in and if itself is a reflection of light.

it was not my intent to say 86 was wrong about absence of colour. I took her comment to mean that she was saying 85 was completely wrong and THAT is not correct.