By Nofatforme - Canada
Today, I saw a girl I haven't seen in 4 years. She used to like me back then. Since then I have lost 50 pounds, and never had the confidence to ask her out. She said I looked really sexy so I decided to ask her out on a date then and there. She said no, she only likes fat guys. FML
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  jd_superjive  |  0

Haha most girls do actually, a friend of mine is a chubby chaser and she likes that most fatties are all shy and they try hard to be good boyfriends. But OP, she sounds like a cunt if she doesnt like who you are. Move on and bang a chick who actually wants your skinny candy


what i find strange is that if the OP had said he had gained 52lbs and she said she only liked skinny guys, everyone would have been bitching at her about it, but not for this. i think this is just as bad.

  totalbadass  |  0

This doesn't make sense. She said you're really sexy, then turned you down cause she only likes (I'm assuming this means is only sexually attracted to) fat guys... anyone else see a contradiction here?

  Kamon97  |  23

I feel your pain OP I've lost somewhere around 50 pounds at the end of high school and barely anybody took notice :/ but seriously when and where in the world is a cute woman out there that only dates fat guys? >.

By  whatsmccraken  |  0

Time to pull out the shovel and start back on that high calorie diet.

Fat people will give it up like there's no tomorrow. They will fuck like it's the last time they'll ever get some.

What's wrong with Canadians? At least they have a better health care system than ours, Eh?

  littlekellilee  |  45

I'm Canadian, have major health problems, and have no trouble getting treatment. I get mri's the next day if it's urgent. And I have the best specialists for my conditions because they're so rare and significant. Its all free. If you get a paper cut and go to the emergency room it will take a while. Maybe they're giving you time to think about whether you should actually be there. I've had to wait at Urgent Care when I went for strep throat. Rightfully so, I think the people with broken limbs and food poisoning should go ahead, even if I did get there first. It means if I break a bone I'll go in quicker than the guy with step throat next time. We have a pretty great system.

  plexico  |  3

filip is right. If this girl has this weird attraction to fat guys, then even if she went out with the "old you," there's always going to be some guy fatter than you.

  refuses2hooah  |  0

That's a pretty dumbassed comment. So if a girl likes blond guys, there's always going to be someone with blonder hair? If she likes tall guys, there'll always be someone taller? So what? You can have a preference without ONLY wanting the person with the maximum of that attribute. Attraction is not black and white like that.

  plexico  |  3


The blondness and tallness are stupid analogies. Chubby chasing is a kind of fetish and it means that you get some sort of thrill or pleasure out of that person's abnormality. Once she tires of one guy who is 50 lbs overweight, she will want to try out the features of a guy who is 100 lbs overweight, and so on.

The OP can go out with a plumpa humpa, but he'd better be ready to move on.