By Anonymous - 15/04/2009 06:19 - United States

Today, I saw a commercial for some sort of meaty beef dish. The camera zoomed in and my mouth watered because it looked so delicious. Then flashed the next scene: golden retrievers running through a field and eating from their bowl. My mouth just watered for a dog food commerical. FML
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yesmy_love 0

hey, it's a recession. dog food is cheaper anyways.

Im so glad this has happened to someone else....... sometimes they just look so tasty


yesmy_love 0

hey, it's a recession. dog food is cheaper anyways.

020266t 5

#1: Tottaly

Not necessarily an FML, more like a chubby-chub move.

That's not so FML, it's not like anyone saw you drooling and slobbering over it

I`ve tried dogfood. It`s not that bad actually.

5bye7 0

ok this is stupid

How did you not know that was dog food. You must eat some terrible, terrible shit on the daily. I wanna puke when I see that shit.

InfamousRaider 15

Some dog foods can be very human looking but I must agree

"Oh noes I mistook dog food for real food. FML FML FML" Come on at least you werent eating when you discovered it was dog food. Plus maybe thats a good thing that dog food looks good. If you would consider eating it Im sure the dog would like it. Im not an expert on what good for dogs though, so who knows.

Wow. Seriously? Easily the dumbest FML I've ever read.

I can't imagine how this got through moderation. I wish there were a report abuse button for shitty FMLs.

how did this make it past the moderation?