By aceshot97 - Canada
Today, I saw a 10 dollar bill on the street, as I went to grab it, it was pulled away by a string. I don't know what's worse, the fact that I was tricked by teenagers or that I tripped and fell as I went for it. FML
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  brianjman14  |  22

Damn it, #9, I was about to post something like that! >:(

And #42, that was the FML about a guy throwing a small rock at a hobo, not the $10 string prank.

  BuhxritNAYY  |  5

At least the kids these days were outside doing something from the 90's rather than getting fat playing video games for exercise. Right? It was a prank that got them out of their seats. BE HAPPY :D

By  tsim_fml  |  0

I never pick money up from the ground. My reason: One time my friends jacked off on a $20 dollar bill, wiped it off and put it on the ground at school and waited for someone to pick it up... thats nasty