By Semius
Today, I saved a young girl from drowning in a hotel pool with no lifeguards on duty. The girl's mother was too busy on her phone to notice what was happening, and when I called out to her, she started yelling at her daughter for going in too far. Never bothered to thank me for saving her kid either. FML
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By  Sonotsuave  |  33

That’s completely ridiculous, people nowadays. Congratulations for such a heroic act, I have to admit I’ve always wanted to save someone’s life. Good on you. Even if it’s not your business I’d have a chat with such a careless mom and the hotel’s manager about the safety concerns.

By  Michael Hicks  |  4

Good on you OP. I read an article last summer about drowning. Apparently, most children drown within like 10 yards of an adult, and many while the adult is looking right at them. Actual drowning doesn't look like what they show on TV or in movies so many people don't realize what they're seeing. Good for you for recognizing what was happening and acting on it. Bad on mom for not protecting her own kid (I'd be tempted to call CPS on her), and for not showing any appreciation.

By  Mauskau  |  35

The kid will remember and be grateful, forget about the shitty mother. When I was 3 I tried following my mum and sister into the pool, my sister kicked water into my face and I went under, I remember jumping off the bottom of the pool and yelling "mummy!" when I made it out of the water before going back under, not sure how long I was doing that for but I remember waking up on the side of the pool still calling for my mum, having been fished out by the lifeguard or just a bystander. I don't know if they performed CPR or not, there's a blank patch between jumping and waking, seemed like it was only a second or two though. You saved a life, just be proud of that.

By  lizenhagen  |  11

I had this same experience at a lake many years ago. saw this weird white stuff bobbing in the water. grabbed it and lifted it. was the kid's hair. really blonde kid. eyes like saucers. took a breath and started coughing. toddler in a diaper. took him back up to camp area and tried to tell his mother. she just yelled at him for not listening and continued whatever she was doing in her camper.