By Anonymous - 13/11/2009 02:43 - United States

Today, I sat right next to the door on the bus. When I went to get up, a man tripped and pushed me down the exit door stairs. I fell down and legitimately broke my ankle. While tending to my ankle, the bus doors closed and my backpack with my laptop, notes and calculator drove away. FML
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wellinever 5

Bad luck, but "legitimately" broke your ankle? How do you illegitimately break one?

CheshireHalli 19

I guess it means she actually broke her ankle, as opposed to her just saying she did as an exaggeration.


wellinever 5

Bad luck, but "legitimately" broke your ankle? How do you illegitimately break one?

CheshireHalli 19

I guess it means she actually broke her ankle, as opposed to her just saying she did as an exaggeration.

aero_fml 0

Yeah either you break it or you don't. I guess OP actually broke his, instead of his other, other ankle...?

wellinever 5

And there's me assuming he meant he had a legitimate (ie legally acceptable) reason for breaking his ankle. Odd choice of words. Maybe he was just confused by the pain and loss of the spell-checker on his laptop.

Not that a spell-checker would've done much good anyway, as it wouldn't count "legitimately" as an incorrectly spelt word, as it's correct... Perhaps you mean an online thesaurus?

dang. you lost your calculator wow nobody deserves that.

Hes saying hes not exaggerating, he actually did break his ankle

Ouch. I've done that a few times, I just come back to the stop after an hour, and normally it's the same bus that comes back. :D No one steals in Australia. :3

Unfortunately, everyone steals on Marta. OP: Assuming you were in a-town, If you have the serial number for the laptop, call the APD pawn desk and give them the numbers and the pawn shops will get it back to you if someone tries to sell it. Apparently, they've got that system working surprisingly well.

Wow, that sucks! I guess no one noticed or didn't want to care about it. Just hope that there's a label somewhere on it with your info, I always do that, so maybe they'll feel sorry you got pushed off like that and bother to return it... Once my wallet got left on the bus, I was rushing out and it fell off and well I never got it back... and it happened to be a day when I actually had a decent amount of money in it... Sucks... FYL...

How do you just tend to a broken ankle by yourself without a splint readily available or something? Fairly confident there's not that much you could do sitting there on the sidewalk.

You hold it and say "Ow, ow, ow, that hurts, I want my mommy!"

Thoureau 0

No, you hold it and rock back and forth saying "ssssssh... aaaaaaaah!" a couple of times. But yeah, this is nothing a good lawsuit to the bus companies won't cure.

perdix 29

Not the calculator!!!! Aiiiiiieeeeeeee! Please tell me you had your slide rule on you. I don't know if I could take it if that also disappeared on the Bus from Hell.

birds_fml 7

I'm assuming that if the OP is in college (backpack, laptop, notes, calculator) then it wasn't just some cheap calculator. Most math classes in college require a graphing calculator, that can cost around $150.

You aren't allowed to use a graphing/programmable calculator in college fyi.

What the ****? What are you taking, remedial math? The only calculator you can't use is a TI-89.

Brooklynxman 0

Actually, you are required to in many colleges. TI-83. What 17 said.

perdix 29

I'd just bring a slide rule, an abacus, a straight edge, a compass and a French curve and I'd be all set, bitches.

I think you scrambled your noodle a bit too, OP, otherwise you might have made a post that used a more sensible vocabulary. Also, who's to say that he didn't do it on purpose just so that he could steal your stuff? I wouldn't be surprised. That kind of stuff happens. The only good news is that unless the thief is smart enough to remove all identifying marks from the laptop or sell it piece by piece, it should be recoverable (the title itself isn't transferable without your consent, so any supposed "purchaser" forfeits their rights to the lappy). It's even more likely if any of the components were custom.

bus drivers are dicks in every country LOL

How about "literally" broke your ankle?

Wololo 0

OP should know that it's impossible to "break" your ankle, seeing as how the ankle is a joint between the bones of the lower leg and foot. Most likely, he sprained his tendons, strained one of the muscles in that group, or if he was extremely unlucky, both. Note that none of those possibilities are the same as breaking a bone.

perhaps not break as in fracture, but break as in "make not to work" is certainly possible. ;)

dravthorn6669 0

ok mister technical if someone breaks the ball off the femur that connects it to the pelvis is that not called a broken hip? and yet the hip is a joint and under your definition can not be broken. an ankle can be broken in many ways. any one of the bones that make up the join may break under many different circumstances and if the join in question is the ankle then yes it is called a broken ankle. you learn this in 3rd grade health class and every year after that here in the USA. on top of that basic knowledge i am also an EMT and X-ray tech. so please use your brain for something other than trying to sound like you know what your talking about.

You make yourself sound like a f^cking idiot.

rocker_chick23 27

Really #26? I guess my doctor and x-rays were totally wrong since it showed my ankle was fractured after falling off my horse at age 10. Guess my husband didn't really break his ankle a few days ago after falling off the front steps because they were iced over. More wrong x-rays, right dumbass? You need to go back to Elementary school.