By lonelyengineer - / Sunday 19 December 2010 10:28 / Germany
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so... did you say hi? sure he's a fifty-year-old man, but, honestly, who has sex face-to-face anymore?


I don't think Jesus would approve of everything on here... Such as Anteezy's Profile Pic.


That's Central Europe my friend. In many central-european countries you MUST take an hour break for lunch. Did you know: in Germany if you have a new baby you get paid during a year without going to work! Parents can even share that time, for example the father stays home for 4 months and the mother 8 months. In Holland you get "vacation money" in summer and spring, amounting to (someone correct me if I'm wrong) one month of salary each. In France, a "full-time job" is limite


However the central European workers quality of life is somewhat limited. For example in America an unskilled worker can work seventy hours a week and put money away for a better lifestyle, either for himself or his children. The same worker in France will be stuck in the ghetto his whole life and leave his children with little hope for better. But hey, I hear that's how they like it. A bicycle, a little flat and an anti government protest is all they need or deserve right?

Hahah that is amazing, I'm sitting here in church on my iPhone and I'm reading this and I just burst out laughing ... Everyone is now looking at me!(: hahahahah


Why in the world are you reading FML on your phone at church? I'm not a super religious person but I do go to church and that's really disrespectful. :/

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