By Caci Johnson - 15/10/2017 04:30

Today, I sat down at my computer for the first time in a week, and discovered that my cat threw up all over my keyboard. I needed to write up an important document but the chunks were stuck down in the keys, effectively locking it up and making it useless. FML
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Keyboards are cheap

All you’d need to do is turn off the Cat-Activated Puke System (CAPS) Lock key.


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Keyboards are cheap

you could try ripping the keys out and using an air compressor or a cloth with a bit of rubbing alcohol or mineral oil to clean under the keys. if your desperate for a replacement keybored most stores carry $15 logitech boards.

1. How didn't you smell the cat sick earlier? 2. Could you not have quickly brought a cheap replacement keyboard?

Cat puke often doesn't have much smell. I used to work at a shelter and that was just about the only thing that didn't stink to high heaven there.

All you’d need to do is turn off the Cat-Activated Puke System (CAPS) Lock key.

Did you try unplugging it and taking the keys off with a paper clip to clean it or try to type with cat gunk?

I know how it feels when you have to rush an “essay”, so sorry about the retard caused by the cat.

$10 will get you a working keyboard, just plug it into a USB port. Also, brush your cats too remove excess fur and/or feed them a better quality food to reduce vomiting.

I guess you're going to have to cough up for a new keyboard.

I'm currently using a Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2(yellow switch edition) and id definitely recommend it as a replacement, razers store,amazon, and newegg all carry them and frequently have sales and promotions. razer has a few decent boards anywhere from $50-500cad

Is your nose broken? Why didn't you investigate the new weird smell in your house/apt

Cat puke often has no smell to it.