By duh - 27/01/2009 08:10 - United States

Today, I sang the itsy bitsy spider song with a class of thirty 20 somethings because we're going to be kindergarten teachers. She made us do the hand motions too. FML
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Umm.. if you think this is an FML you might want to consider changing your career goals.

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#3 is stupid lol


Umm.. if you think this is an FML you might want to consider changing your career goals.

i agree. get over it.

uhmm I don't understand the grammar of this FML I get what it means not the grammar :S

^Thus, KINDERGARTEN teacher ;P

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your gonna be a fucking kindergarten teacher! get over it, your gonna deal with a lot worse than stupid hand gestures

Absolutely right about changing career goals as the hands done properly are part of the story if you don't like it then you will not be a good teacher or influence on them

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I like how there was no #6 when you posted this.

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Right now, your agreeing with 6 that ou're stupid. I dont wonder why because there was no 6 when u posted this.

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i think its cause

#3 was probably just trying to be funny and see what #6 would post as a response. And there it is. Haha

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#3, there is no #6

Occam 0

#3 is stupid lol

ahahaha thats classic

She says that she agrees with 6 and 6 is calling her stupid!

Captain Obvious! Here to save the day!

If you aren't willing to do that, you probably shouldn't be allowed to teach small children

What the heck were you expecting?? You're trying to teach kindergarten, not grad school.

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it comes with the tranning and the job. In fact is supposed to be the fun part, if you don't enjoy it, please choose a diffrent path. The other educators that take this seriously, won't like you, and neither will the kids.

O_o I agree with everyone else. This was totally weird. Of COURSE you'll have to do stuff like that! What did you think?

If that is something you hate doing, teach older kids. Problem solved.

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I agree with number 1, I have to do that too (And teach much more embarrassing songs), and I'm sure everyone in your class will have to as well, and if it really is that big of a problem, either change careers and hope to Hell you don't start out in Elementary School.