By Noname - 16/03/2009 00:49 - United States

Today, I rode in the cab on the way back to my dorm from the airport. The taxi driver was on the phone and not really paying attention. I paid him and got out of the cab, but he drove away before I could get my luggage out of the trunk. FML
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Next time....get your luggage first, THEN pay

And what was then? Have you found him?


Next time....get your luggage first, THEN pay

yeah that or ride with your luggage beside you in the car.

And what was then? Have you found him?

i'm going to be totally paranoid now everytime i take a cab. not that i wasn't already paranoid from the last 3 cabbies who were driving crazy and nearly caused multiple possibly fatal car accidents...

lol. do you have underwear? that's what's important.

unless youre a NUDIST!

I hate it when people do that. He shouldn't be driving and talking on the cell phone to begin with :S

There is nothing more rude to me than cab drivers on the phone, specifically when I'm trying to interact. I'm not against using the phone driving, because to me, it's no different than talking to someone else that's in the car, and as far as a cab driver goes, I'd rather have him or her talking to someone else than trying to make small talk with me ... but, when I'm being picked up or dropped off, I want to know that they heard everything I said. I was on vacation once, and my hotel was on the corner of Sunrise Blvd and Birch St. Dude takes me to the corner of Sunset Blvd and Birch St. There's a mall there. No hotels. I see the street sign, realize his mistake, and correct him. He's still on the phone, holding my door for me, waiting for me to get out. Finally I get loud. He takes me to the correct location, twenty minutes the other way. I refused to pay for the 'second' trip. An argument ensued, but luckily I had all my stuff with me so he couldn't pull a fast one and drive off with it and eventually I just went into the hotel. He didn't follow me. Guess he realized he was wrong and being stupid for arguing with me.

Call the cab company and get him fired.

#4 underwear isn't important for everyone! ;)

You usually pay after unloading or immediately upon arrival if nothing is stowed. Although he could have showed some concern, it's not his responsibility to remember for you.

o_o Did you got your stuff back?