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Damn it, people are mean.

That sucks, OP. Next time kick pebbles in their eyes.


Damn it, people are mean.

That sucks, OP. Next time kick pebbles in their eyes.

Savage asf x). I know those guys deserve the worst, but getting revenge by kicking pebbles into their eyes is kind of a sick way to get back at them? No?

How's that savage? Savage would be clobbering them with a large stone.

23 I say don't dish it out if you can't take it

Fuck society, am I right?

I don't understand the need of fucking the "society" for a couple of stupid douchebags.

Couple? Haha more of the majority

While your work flew with the wind, you should have made their work drown in piss.

I don't mean to be rude but please check your comments before you post, because yours made very little sense.

Can someone translate this guy?

"As revenge, the original poster should locate the perpetrators' school work (or other object/s of similar importance) and urinate on it."

Only #54 knows proper English and has a brain.

#36 #43 Maybe School will help you, guys.

I'd explain to you why it doesn't apply to me, but I don't have enough time and crayons to do so.

People are so rude these days.

You should've said you had the cure to an illness, & you were going to submit it to a scientist, but now you're missing a page & the cure isn't complete.

yeah, because the group of people were a bunch of 3 year old kids

Very believable , #6, very believable

I would have picked up my skateboard and beat the crap out of them.

Waste of a good skateboard.

Doesn't sound like you're having a wheel of a good time

I'm sorry to say.....but that was a horrible pun.

wheelbite sucks

I never understood why people did things like that. Like what are you accomplishing by hurting other people? Especially people you don't know.