By Anonymous - 13/02/2016 01:56 - United States - Dallas

Today, I returned to work after taking two days off to find I'd been fired. Why? For not being at work on those two days. Everything was agreed in writing, all trace of which has mysteriously vanished. I can't work until HR sorts it out, and nobody can tell me how long that'll take. FML
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Wow. No one could have seen that coming. Atleast HR is looking into it. Hope it gets sorted real soon. Good luck

More time off?


Wow. No one could have seen that coming. Atleast HR is looking into it. Hope it gets sorted real soon. Good luck

I dont mean to be a party pooper, but HR usually is in the side of the company, so I wouldn't trust them.

HR is probably the one who did it

More time off?

Unpaid though

Did your boss forget that you weren't showing? Or do you suppose he's using this as an excuse to fire you?

Sounds like it to me

My Uncle had this a few years ago. He went in for his yearly physical and the doctor found he had high blood pressure, so his boss told him to take the week off until it came down. He got fired for not showing up for a week. We think the boss got spooked by the health coverage increase that may have loomed. But, he found a better job - coincidentally - at a doctor's office (as a janitor).

Wow, that's really messed up. You should file a lawsuit or something

Texas is a work at will state. An employer can let you go at anytime without reason.

While it is true that in Texas you can be let go for any reason, it is also true that if an employer fires you for no reason (if you did nothing wrong and it is not documented as such) then you can file for unemployment and receive it with very little hassle. Source: been on both sides of the coin for this. I worked at a fast food place (that shall remain anonymous) where we were told to write up employees for every infraction if we wanted them gone. Also been fired without cause and successfully applied and received benefits for a short time while I was job searching. The employer did not have a valid reason for letting me go, according to the labor board, and granted me benefits.

I've always at the least taken a photograph of said paperwork, so when they get lost (and they have) I can provide that as proof.

The beauty of email...

You should always keep a copy of paperwork. Be it written permission for time off or doctors notes. It's called covering your own ass.

Cam scanner app, I always keep proof.

Someone fucked you over.

that's fucked :/ sorry op

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Something I've learned when booking time off is to always keep a copy of the relevant paperwork. All too often it does "mysteriously vanish" and unless you kept a copy, they will just laugh at you. For that reason I also request email confirmation that a leave request has been approved, because in my job, the roster clerks don't see it as part of their responsibility to let you know if your request was approved or even received.

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ALWAYS get a copy!

Always get copies of paperwork like this. Or take snaps on your phone. You have to protect your ass because no one else can be counted on to do it for you.