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By  EverWatcher  |  5

On the (generous) assumption that all this is true: 1] cock-punch 2] public shaming and embarrassment 3] call off wedding 4] sue Seriously, I'm having a tough time with all this.

  manowarkidd  |  7

what do you mean typical male? thats one male out of like millions of men. i saw a sheet that said bakesale for equality from a feminest party and the price for men was way higher. so i guess those are "typical" females then right???

By  noshitsherlock  |  8

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By  Squirrtxx  |  6

Omg, I want a taco now! ..sorry bout your house, dude. Fyl. Seriously. But I have to admit, I laughed hysterically when I read this because, sadly, I can see myself doing something like this.. OMG FIRE!!! Oooooooh... Taco.

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