By Jeanine - 29/05/2009 01:32 - United States

Today, I returned to my apartment to find everything reduced to ashes, hidden in black clouds of smoke. Turns out there was a blackout, and my fiancé lit a candle on top of a stack of all our wedding papers. When he smelled the smoke, he got hungry for a taco and left instead of calling 911. FML
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dontbegayy 0

dump him .

And you want to marry someone so absent minded?


dontbegayy 0

dump him .

Sounds like a huge amount of bad things happening at once...

And you want to marry someone so absent minded?

On the (generous) assumption that all this is true: 1] cock-punch 2] public shaming and embarrassment 3] call off wedding 4] sue Seriously, I'm having a tough time with all this.

There's always "all of the above."

awsnapitsrachel 0

lol, i guess it sucks to be you. but at the same time, ydi for being engaged to an idiot. tacos > blowing out a candle? yeah.....

sunshyne84_fml 0

u picked a winner

rice_cake 0

What an idiot. Typical male... I feel incredibly bad for you, dear. FYL for sure.

Typical male? Isn't that a little sexist? To OP: I'm sorry this happened, assuming it's true.

Ian's what if the fiancé was a fiancée? Then it would " oh forgive her it was probably hormones" or some shit give me a break sexist pig

No it wouldn't. She'd still be called stupid as its an incredibly stupid thing to do

what do you mean typical male? thats one male out of like millions of men. i saw a sheet that said bakesale for equality from a feminest party and the price for men was way higher. so i guess those are "typical" females then right???

noshitsherlock 0

You deserve it because you're with someone that stupid!!!

Siren_00 0

And that's the man you're going to marry.

Omg, I want a taco now! ..sorry bout your house, dude. Fyl. Seriously. But I have to admit, I laughed hysterically when I read this because, sadly, I can see myself doing something like this.. OMG FIRE!!! Oooooooh... Taco.

peachgurl 0

well then why are you going to marry someone so stupid? don't complain, it was kind of your fault for choosing someone like that.