By annoyed - United States
Today, I recieved a phone call from a good guy friend of mine, someone I haven't seen for years. He tells me he has "deep" feelings for me, and wants to know since my husband is deployed, if it would be okay if we "dated" because he told his parents I'm his girlfriend. FML
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By  Peroxide  |  3

Heyyy, sounds like you've got a plan.

Mabey I do chief, maybe I do....

You're out there beer baron and im going to find you!

No you won't!

Yes. I. will.


Be sure to tune in next week for more randomness.

  wh4t3v3R  |  0

Tell him your husband is being dishonorably discharged for killing a few dozen civilians he suspected of adultery. He'll be home soon, but your not sure when. And sure we can date, sounds great!

By  CreepyStalker  |  0

Aw, give the guy a break! He must really like you to go to such lengths of convincing his own family that you two are together.

What's wrong with having a fling on the side anyway?

  Unregistered  |  0

Whats wrong? Do you know how many deployed soldiers have been cheated on by their wives/girlfriends? While they are off fighting a war for their country their wives are off fucking the mail man because they cant control their fucking hormones. Hey its called PORN and your right hand it worked for me when I was 12

  t4y10r  |  0

#17, just felt the need to call attention to this-
there are women in the army as well, who also get cheated on by their husbands/boyfriends while deployed.

  OkageStarr  |  0

@ #17 & #20 Y'know, it can go either way, in more ways than one. I know someone whose husband cheated on her with a female soldier, while he was on deployment. You don't have to be the one home to be the one doing the cheating.

  Back_In_Action  |  18

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's sarcasm. Either way, you're an idiot for posting something like that. Infidelity in military couples has always been a touchy subject. Go away.

  t4y10r  |  0

That doesn't mean female soldiers don't exist and don't deserve acknowledgement.
And as #27 stated, regardless of man or woman, soldier or civillian, it goes either way.

  armywife72309  |  0

Excuse me BUT not all soldiers wives cheat, the OP was saying fml because she got asked the question, not because she cheated. and i dont appreciate the implication that im screwing my 50 yr old woman mail 'man" so screw off. I dont cheat on my husband, and neither do any of the other army wives i know.

  katiepooh85  |  0

There are lots of things wrong with a "fling" on the side... for one, she is putting her marriage at risk for sabotage! No one can be trusted to keep a secret these days. No one! I don't think it's a smart idea considering so much can go wrong.