By Lucky - 21/06/2009 21:21 - United States

Today, I recieved a phone call from a cruise line I had travelled on with my parents a year ago. After being told I had won a free $2,000 cruise from a sweepstakes I had entered while on the cruise. After celebrating loudly they informed me that you have to be 23 or older to collect it. I'm 17. FML
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Cinnabar 0

Can someone else collect it for you?

NGM_47 0

Well how'd you enter in the first place?....this is very suspicious!! If it is true then your parents should be able to collect it for you, maybe.


Get someone else to collect it. Done.

Gah! The same thing happened to me! And no, you guys, you can't get someone else to collect it. I tried. They said that my name had been the winning name, not my parents. I imagine this is the same. You have my sympathies. FYL

pikL3bOi 0

Not rlly a YDI but def not a FML... So u dnt get to go on a cruise big deal

OMG I would be so mad lol

They shouldn't have even called you. Your entry should have been screened out for age when they looked through the forms. @#4, this doesn't seem suspicious at all. Have you ever entered a contest where you just fill out an entry blank? That's probably what this was.

Usually if you read the fine print on a contest there are age restrictions. Look before you leap next time.

someone else can probably collect it from you!

YDI, probably should have read the rules before signing up for something.

katiebug 0

Actually, because of the sentence structure of this sentence, it is understood that the cruise line, in fact, celebrated loudly. However, if he had said "After I celebrated loudly, ..." etc., then this problem would have been avoided. :) Just saying.

ellbtvsvm 0

So why was the cruise line celebrating loudly?