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Today, I recently gave birth to my daughter, and my husband and I both have dark hair and bushy eyebrows. We never thought it was a problem until our daughter was born with a dark, bushy unibrow. Now I'm too nervous to take pictures of her 'cause our family and friends laugh every time they see her. FML
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  TheEpicKitten  |  20

She has a unibrow. She is obviously not beautiful

  MrsDruidess  |  23

agreed! Dont worry about them, take pictures, as many as you can, she will only be this small for so long!!! Even if you dont post them anywhere, take them. It's incredibly likely that you will regret not taking any, as you cannot take them once this time has past! I doubt you'll ever regret taking them.

  nix1993  |  41

Not wanting to open your baby daughter to more ridicule by giving those small minded people who are already doing it more opportunity to do so does not mean she can't accept her daughter for who she is.

By  saffy66  |  34

A lot of babies are born with way more hair than you would expect. Often it falls out within a few weeks. Don't fret OP, she'll probably have beautiful eyebrows when she is older.

  mzdaisylynn  |  12

I was born with so much hair on my head, my face and body. My mom thought she gave birth to a monkey! Luckily the hair fell off within a few days. I'm sure that will happen to your daughter. I'm sure your little girl is still very beautiful.

By  bellydancer82  |  15

You should be proud of your baby :) honestly, fuck anyone who has a problem with it. You shouldn't care what they think. All that matters is you and your husband have a baby that you both love. Don't be afraid to show her off just because you're worried about how people will react.

By  itsme82  |  18

Wow that's so mean. Forget your friends and family op. Take as many pics as you want. They grow fast. Don't let others cruelty ruin these precious moments for you. Congrats on your beautiful new daughter.

By  Letteh  |  19

No way, your baby is your pride and joy, so be proud of her! Your friends and family should be pleased for you so if they laugh don't take any notice.

By  the_real_dvd  |  21

I'm sure she's adorable and your family and friends think she's adorable. Besides, she's going to make some aestheticians day because it will be so easy to shape her brows when she gets older.