By stuckonrepeat - 08/03/2012 08:06 - United Kingdom

Today, I received the results of the exams that I re-took in order to improve my grades. I got exactly the same grades as before in all four exams. Point for point identical. FML
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They're all conspiring against you!! *twitch*

hashtags on fml is a no-no.


They're all conspiring against you!! *twitch*

Yea, are you sure that you checked the right website? (that if your grades get puplished on the university website..)

shanemaximo 7

Well at least you're consistent.

skyguy89 0

Sucks to be you, study more next time they let you re-take a test. I find that helps

CaliGali 9

At least you didn't do worse

It's not university, today was a level and Gcse results day.

MagicGiraffe 12

Don't use the test you did bad on to study/cheat either...

Oh FYL ): I hate when that happens!

CockAsian 14

Why? You've probably never ever had this happen to you..

I actually have :D and even after going to tutorials and stuff after school, still got the EXACT same score. Tried again? Got one point higher. After that I just decided to leave it alone.

I hate when people on the Internet know your life better than you do. Should pay more attention!

omarzrgz 3

I demand a re-take! /sarcasm

The "sarcasm" part just ruins your comment

Scands_59 14

Supposed to study harder the 2nd time... #DumbAss

The fact that they bothered to retake the test at all implies that they did study it harder the second time around in order to do better.

hashtags on fml is a no-no.

Don' hashtag on FML. #It's not cool.

Scands_59 14

In this case it doesn't imply that , because if they had actually studied harder they would have given different answers for some things a least, instead of giving the exact answer they did the first time ..(y)

For all you know, the OP COULD have studied harder, but still didn't understand some of the concepts and ended up with the same score, or they second guessed themselves on the test and tried not to use the same answers they did last time.

22- They don't ask the exact same questions. Every paper is quite different, especially consecutive papers.

xStaciexLynnx 15

I assumed it did ask the same questions from the wording of the FML. And I know a lot of people who retake tests and don't study harder the 2nd time.

This isn't twitter...


They're from England and it was results day today for A-levels. If they re-took a paper then the questions would not have been the same

xStaciexLynnx 15

Just because FML's say today doesn't mean it actually happened today. Chances are that it didn't.

JustDerpin 11

Last time I checked, this wasn't Twitter. ;-;

^ Last time I checked, someone already posted that comment in this thread...

My ma course had same questions if someone failed a test.. -.- ba as well.. But I think they were just to lazy to give a shit bout changing anything.

Probably no extra points for consistency

At least you're consistent?

queen_awks 16

At least you didn't get one point less than last time like someone someone I could mention -_-

At least you didn't do worse.

They Might have not wanted to grade them again.

MeLuvBewbs 7

At least you know to try harder and harder. I'm sorry grades weren't as op expected