By Anonymous - United States - Salem
Today, I received the photos my friend took of me proposing to my girlfriend. I'd proposed at the place we'd first met: the local zoo. When I looked them over, I noticed there was an elephant taking a poop in the background. FML
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  JocelynKaulitz  |  28

64 - then I guess he shouldn't be complaining since he should have seen that coming. The animals weren't really gonna be polite and hold their poop until he's done proposing now were they?

  Bonzer  |  2

Why, just why? That overused joke is used every single time an FML mentions poop, and every time the comment is thumbed down. When will you people learn and come up with an original joke?


Bonzer, was that picture actually of him eating corn? I think i've seen that picture but with corn and the caption saying, "There's something wrong with this banana!"