By AlwaysAfraid - 23/10/2015 22:33 - United States

Today, I received the honorary title of "student of the month," because I'm the only quiet kid during class. Truth is, I just have no friends. I was given an award for being socially awkward. FML
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Redoxx_fml 22

Who says social awkwardness won't get you places

Thanks to your spiffy new title, your friendlessness is about to change!


Redoxx_fml 22

Who says social awkwardness won't get you places

Yeah and besides you don't really need a lot of friends to be happy. I only have 6 close friends from my middle school and high school years that i still keep in contact with in college, one of them being my absolute best friend from preschool. You'll meet people, don't worry

i have three really close friends from high school, it sucks, but at least I have people to do stuff with. Say, OP, if you make your way to australia, I'll include you in our shenanigans

Hey, wheres my award? :( Oh well at least I still have two more years in university to find out if I can get an award for my social awkwardness...

Thanks to your spiffy new title, your friendlessness is about to change!

Is that really what they believe on the planet you're from?

No, but we do have a lot of people who take jokes seriously and then post inane comments.

expertsmilee 26

For doing absolutely nothing longer than anyone else...

I am sure you're okay, please don't let that bother you..

Hey, awkward backwards is drawkwa which means nothing, but I had u for a sec

I wish I would get an award for being socially awkard too. Only thing I get is pitying laugh when I try to interract with strangers

Red_Curls1995 28

Damn me too. At least I assume it's a pity laugh I never know

okay, friendships are like butterflies. You fly your way into friendships, but if they have bug spray, you get a socially awkward award! :D

I can't never get how people can't make friends!!!. just say funny things and laugh when somebody's saying them, is it hard??

Though I've never had a problem making friends, even though I was shy when I was younger, there are plenty of reasons people might have trouble making friends. There is a difference between friendships and acquaintances, joking or laughing with others isn't necessarily going to produce friendships. It also may be hard for someone who is bullied, afraid of rejection, suffering from social anxiety, depressed, etc. Your comment comes off as pretty insensitive towards people who have trouble making friends.

I agree with 18, saying a joke does not a friendship make.. it's not that hard to make people laugh, but this doesn't mean all of a sudden they are a true friend. There are plenty of people that have a difficult time finding others they can truly trust in (which is what makes good friendships), so try not to be so insensitive

When you've been bullied during all your middle school before you finally had the temper to tell them to f*ck off in high school, trust me. You don't want to be friends with those people. You don't want to say funny things & laugh with them. And you're afraid that everyone will laugh at you afterwards anyway.

I do that all the time. I have people I talk to at class sometimes, but friends I really hang out with always move away. I have about 2 friends from last year tho.

I know how that feels. For the last 3 years of elementary school i got bullied so much i turned shy. It only ended when i got to highschool and that is just recently, Im still shy thanks to the ****** up 3 years in ny life but they are Nice to me. Btw I'm 13 years old