By RiceSickle - 01/08/2014 02:50 - United States - Pleasanton

Today, I received the $30 parking pass that I ordered over 4 weeks ago. My class is only 4 weeks long, and next week is the last week. FML
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Seems more like you waited until the last minute to order it.

Well he ordered it over a week in advance. Seems like enough time to me...


Well maybe you'll get it the last day as a gift

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I'm not so sure about that, but maybe OP can sell it to someone else so that it's not money wasted!

Possibly, but I'd guess it's linked to the number (licence) plate, most types of parking permits are I think. Maybe complain and get a refund? Although check the time it says they take first, if it says up to 28 working days and you were lazy, it's your own fault.

28 working days is outright ridiculous and horrible service.

#14 is right, sell it. Usually everyone with a car is worried about parking and would jump at a chance for a pass.

As 15 pointed out, most school parking passes are linked to a specific license plate so that the college/university/school can easily track and trace cars parked on campus. Also, most school parking passes are coded to be good for a specific semester/term, so selling it to someone else would be fairly pointless, as it most likely won't be valid anymore.

Seems more like you waited until the last minute to order it.

Well he ordered it over a week in advance. Seems like enough time to me...

Hard to say without knowing the stated time for it. And how far in advance he knew he was doing the course.

#16, OP says they ordered the ticket 4 weeks ago. There are 4 weeks of class, and OP has one week left. Therefor OP is in the third week of the class and 4 weeks have passed since the purchase, does that tell you something? Probably not so I'll just tell you, OP ordered the tickets a week before classes started.

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Even though it might have been ordered late my parking permit providers send me a receipt to print off and display until my permit arrives. There needs to be assurances IMO.

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ok my stuff doesnt get published but this does... is the first line proper

Sorry to hear OP, but I'm sure if you call the parking company they would only make you pay for your last week.

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sorry but Op s not willing to spend 4 more weeks!!

Why is #12 getting down voted? She's saying that because the service is so terrible that OP had to wait 4 weeks for the ticket, the service would be so bad OP would need to wait 4 weeks for a refund or any customer service. "Please hold, our customer service representatives are busy will be with you in just 4 weeks".

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gotcha! thnx...make it 'he' instead 'she', :-)

I understand what your saying, but I was trying to think positive. If OP were to complain to the company they would hopefully act fast and refund some of her money.

Welcome to higher learning. same thing happened to me. until I started parking by a bar/restaurant that was a block away from campus. The manager was cool with it. and all the booze I could drink after my evening class

You drank and then drove home? Idiot.

It's probably me, but I have trouble understanding this FML. Can someone explain? Did OP lose it? Edit: Nvm, I get it now

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No, they ordered it approximately a week before they needed it and it only arrived a week before the month long course finished. They basically paid for four weeks, but only got to use it for one.

Yeah, I get it now :) the FML originally didn't have the word "received" in it, so it was a bit of a guess what it was supposed to say.

ain't that the way it goes though?

Better late than never

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Better never than late if you have to pay 4 weeks worth of parking for 1 week. It would have made it easier to get a refund.

Order it earlier next time, you wont be in that situation. But at least you got the pass before your class ended

A week early sounds like plenty to me. 4 weeks is horrible service.

A week is never enough. Always allow for 4-6 weeks for these things to get sorted. Much like passports and renewing work visas.

Why on Earth does it take over a week for a piece of paper to show up (assuming of course that it is a piece of paper)? In fact why on Earth does it take literally any amount of time at all? Couldn't OP have just printed it out?

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Sounds like you ordered it a little late. Oh well, life moves on. Try purchasing it earlier next time. If it happens again I would ask for a refund of some/all of your money.