By RiceSickle - / Friday 1 August 2014 02:50 / United States - Pleasanton
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  Arwen_Evenstar  |  37

Possibly, but I'd guess it's linked to the number (licence) plate, most types of parking permits are I think.
Maybe complain and get a refund? Although check the time it says they take first, if it says up to 28 working days and you were lazy, it's your own fault.

  chinaski7628  |  32

As 15 pointed out, most school parking passes are linked to a specific license plate so that the college/university/school can easily track and trace cars parked on campus. Also, most school parking passes are coded to be good for a specific semester/term, so selling it to someone else would be fairly pointless, as it most likely won't be valid anymore.

  JBChristian  |  46

#16, OP says they ordered the ticket 4 weeks ago. There are 4 weeks of class, and OP has one week left. Therefor OP is in the third week of the class and 4 weeks have passed since the purchase, does that tell you something? Probably not so I'll just tell you, OP ordered the tickets a week before classes started.

  OochenSnoochen  |  14

Even though it might have been ordered late my parking permit providers send me a receipt to print off and display until my permit arrives. There needs to be assurances IMO.

  JBChristian  |  46

Why is #12 getting down voted? She's saying that because the service is so terrible that OP had to wait 4 weeks for the ticket, the service would be so bad OP would need to wait 4 weeks for a refund or any customer service. "Please hold, our customer service representatives are busy will be with you in just 4 weeks".

By  arre2006  |  19

Welcome to higher learning. same thing happened to me. until I started parking by a bar/restaurant that was a block away from campus. The manager was cool with it. and all the booze I could drink after my evening class


No, they ordered it approximately a week before they needed it and it only arrived a week before the month long course finished. They basically paid for four weeks, but only got to use it for one.

  thecrazymancan  |  17

Why on Earth does it take over a week for a piece of paper to show up (assuming of course that it is a piece of paper)? In fact why on Earth does it take literally any amount of time at all? Couldn't OP have just printed it out?