By bride2be - United States
Today, I received my first wedding present in the mail. I opened it immediately and called the sender to say thanks. She yelled at me for opening it and, because she shipped it to me by mistake, requested it back. FML
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By  Angel1000168  |  16

Congratulations on the marriage. What did the girl send? If it's anything good, don't send it back. Say it got lost in the post and keep it. =] Her fault for not stopping the post but if she got you another wedding present give it back and take the other one instead.

  franwins0827  |  7

I guess this needs to be spelled out for you:

1. assure her you will indeed send it back
2. DON'T send it back
3. when she calls a week or two later and asks " Where is it? I thought you were sending it back!" reply: "I DID send it back! It must have gotten lost in the post!"


  beannlove  |  7

he meant for OP to say they sent the gift back (as requested by the person who sent the gift) and claim it got lost in the mail, but really not send it back & just keep it. "herp derp"