By AmICrappyEveryOtherDay - 02/09/2010 23:51 - Canada

Today, I received my first compliment in a really long time. It went, "Hey, you don't look like crap today." FML
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Some people are really hard to compliment. Like Lindsay Lohan for example. What are you supposed to say? "Hey........... You're really talented at snorting coke..."?

you don't look like shit, you're welcome(;


people suck.

Aww, congrats.

how come when I say I'm first I get trolls to yell at me >:( anyways I moderated this one :O wooohooo (^0^)/ lmao

Congrats, you moderated this. That is quite the task and I must say I am proud of you for making something of yourself. "FML moderator", synonymous with success.

here's your first complait on fml says; "hey, your life is apparently f***ed because you look good today." you poor poor thing you...

Just take it as a compliment. :D

pineapple rectum can do wonders for that!

agree with 15 OP- atleast you don't look like trailer park white trash shit face :D

tweetbaby14 18

you see OP it's women like you that make other women not get complimented. stop bitching! just shut the fuck up and take the damn compliment.

uuuu some one^^^ is pmsing >:)

Better then nothingg, be happy.

comentment moderated!!

and that is bad?

woohoo (^0^)/ thnx TimTim I have lots to learn about the fml ways and guess who's gonna teach em to me.. that's right!! YOU!! muahaha >:D

you're beautiful hun (:

that sucks op!! Did you not realize how bad you looked everyday?

OP, atleast they said somthing nice too you at all..

ohmygod that's from cougar town! hahaha

tweetbaby14 18

um 65 I wasn't PMSing it's just fucked up how even when certain women get compliments and they can't just shut up and take the compliment.

well atleast you don't look like crap,....

Hahaha that's kind of harsh,Sorry OP!

I got complimented on my dick suckign yesterday lol :$

Awwwwh! That's so sweeeet.

dude #4 you suck at spelling you can't even spell compelent right, idiot

and you're so much better, right? shutup and don't yell at people for spelling when you suck too.

Seriously,what a dumb ass.

dude I take onors english

7..never fail at being critical toward someone just makes you look even more retarded than the first guy.

dude, that honors English isn't working then. but you did just start school, so there is still time.

no I also tak sommer school

now you're doing it on purpose. so I'm done here.

hahaha he was doin it on purpose the whole time

who the fuck cares about spelling you fucking douchebag.? and btw i'm a chick you retarded

where did you even come from and who even mentioned anything about your spelling?

nevermind 32. the goldfish kid did.

tweetbaby14 18

hey 7 stop being a douche it's compliment or complement either way is acceptable. change the tampon buddy. you're welcome

Psst, 47. Complement isn't really that acceptable in this case.

All of y'all need to chill. Dang. Shut the hell up.

Some people are really hard to compliment. Like Lindsay Lohan for example. What are you supposed to say? "Hey........... You're really talented at snorting coke..."?

hey lindsay! you're quite talented at making an ass out of yourself!

She's really good at proving gingers don't have souls.

hey!!! I have a soul !!! it a short temper that all we gingers have and easily pushed buttons !!! >:| also we have the hair that every other girl wants and I hate it !!! u try being a guy with red hair I say FML :P

if you don't like the color, you could dye it?

not a fan of dying hair + I'd have to dye my goatee and chest for the full effect... not with it

you don't look like shit, you're welcome(;

aww hunny! :( your beautiful :)

compliment?? whoever said it is probably just jealous