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Today, I received another death threat for teaching evolution in college. I'm a geology teacher. FML
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Seriously sucks to be you. Teach them not to breed to keep our gene pool healthy. UP the bum no babies class!!!

Whoever sent it is clearly still in ape-form


Seriously sucks to be you. Teach them not to breed to keep our gene pool healthy. UP the bum no babies class!!!

Nah serves you right for saying those rocks were older than Adam and Eve

Shadowvoid 33

What the hell? I feel more stupid just by reading that -.- ^

They are too religious to learn about evolution so they decide the only solution is to break a commandment by killing their teacher?

Those dang Bible thumpers na but I'm all for everyone having there own beliefs but death threats over that... Come on man.

you and me both 38 i hate assholes that shove religion down someones throat its like shoving a dick down a dogs throat its just wrong immoral and unethical

RedPillSucks 31

@29 Not sure if you're joking/trolling or not, but in the bible, the earth was created before Adam/Eve/Steve, so the rocks would clearly be older.

Kn0wledge123 21

I've come to find that most people who "disagree" with evolution, don't even try to understand it. And I put disagree in quotes because you can't disagree with a fact. You can just choose to ignore it.

154- I'm an atheist and I never try to force my thoughts down other peoples throats. People try to shove their thoughts down my throat

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I'm a Christian and I believe in evolution because unlike God, I can't prove He exists and other can't prove that he doesn't. But evolution? The facts are all there.

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@163 I remember the story of Adam & Eve but I don't recall god creating Steve at the same time. I think he came along a little later and at a cost of 6 million dollars.

Steve.... Is.. Well have you ever heard someone say "God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."

Laurenlou 24

Bible reading Christian here! Yes, hello. So I don't believe in evolution because one, they do not have evidence for apes evolving into humans, two, because the "evidence" they have is either fake or mistaken, three, they would have probably found this before dinosaurs, considering that dinosaurs are much older than the ape-to-human idea. I do have my Christian evidence against it as well but that does not apply to all of you. If these are Jesus freaks threatening the teacher, then they obviously don't read their Bible enough or/and are hypocrites. I, personally, would never threaten someone like that. But I would speak my mind about why I do not believe in evolution.

So you're saying the evidence is fake or mistaken, when you're spouting the oldest misconception in the world about evolution? "They do not have evidence for apes evolving into humans"? No shit, lady. Nobody who knows anything about evolutionary theory claims that apes evolved into humans. Your argument's stupid, ignorant, and based on what you want to believe, not what actually is. You've clearly never read a thing about evolution that hasn't come from the mouths of creationists, so your opinions are totally invalid. You should be ashamed of yourself.

zen1979 16

204 does have point; it's called the THEORY of evolution. Believe it or not, as compelling as all the evidence is, it's still not proven absolutely. I believe evolution is/was put into effect by a higher power, like all the laws of physics and reality. Calling it 'god' seems to take away from its credibility but everything happens for a reason. The immutable laws that we know of had to start somehow. Saying 'that's just how it is' isn't an answer, it's an avoidance of the question. But that's just me :)

So first Lauren uses the "humans evolved from apes" misconception, and now you're using the "it's called a 'theory' for a reason" one? For your information, those are pretty much the two oldest, most fallacious arguments that creationists use, and they've been rebutted enough times that you should really know better. Do me a favor and read up on the difference between the normal use of the word "theory", and then check the meaning of the word in the scientific context. Hint: we have the "THEORY of gravity". And nobody said "that's just how it is". You're just spouting that because you obviously haven't done an hour's reading of actual textbooks or explanations from actual evolutionary biologists, otherwise neither of you two would be using these flawed arguments. Read from the sources, not just from the people who have the most to gain from misrepresenting the subject. Your wilful ignorance is astonishing.

metaphoristic 8

People who claim that evolution isn't true because there isn't valid evidence for it have clearly not been educated about the theory by qualified science teachers. Evolution is as true as gravity and there is evidence as true as apples hitting newtons head to prove it

The Christian believer. God was never proven either, so what you are getting at? Theory and faith are the suit. This is why science and religion fight because either of them can prove one right and one wrong. Why do you think there so many theories and religions. Because NO one knows the answer. Think about it and take your blind folders off too while your at it.

204 gives modern, sensible Christians a bad name. Really, refusing to believe in evolution, considering all of the common sense and scientific findings, is simply backward and uneducated.

213-the theory of gravity has been proven wrong too. Just so you know.

Laurenlou 24

Natural selection and evolution are two different things. Evolution is the idea that every living organism has developed from earlier organisms. (i.e: apes to humans and various other animals to different forms) Natural selection- "the process by which forms of life having traits that better enable them to adapt to specific environmental pressures, as predators, changes in climate, or competition for food or mates, will tend to survive and reproduce in greater numbers than others of their kind, thus ensuring the perpetuation of those favorable traits in succeeding generations." ( & this is proven correct. I don't disagree with natural selection.) They have had many occurrences of "evidence" for the ape-to-human evolution idea that, when further investigated, was proven to be false and the scientist who found this "evidence" had to recant everything they said. Just look them up! Text books can be bias, by the way. I have read and considered all evidence and logic for both sides. Don't call me uneducated when you have no idea who I am. I am actually very interested in learning even more about why other believe in this idea. If you think you have the evidence, please, message it to me. Either you guys are trying to talk about natural selection or you don't the the definition of evolution. (Even if my beliefs of God were different, I would still say the same things about evolution and natural selection.)

228: If you are not "uneducated" then you certainly have poor reading comprehension for an educated person. Several commenters have already pointed out that no sane scientist today believes that humans evolved from apes. Additionally, natural selection is a mechanism by which evolution works. To be specific, evolution is the process by which populations change in terms of their traits. Darwin's book is called "The Origin of Species by Natural Selection". There is nothing wrong with being religious. I believe in God. However, if you deny scientific theories such as evolution you may as well go back to the mediaeval era and say the universe is centered on the earth and women are by physical nature less intelligent than men, both examples of mediaeval catholic "science".

#228: Jeez, so many words and almost no content. Two words for you: "common ancestor". It's like you're going back to the Theory of Evolution's infancy and confusing it with the modern, much more refined and well-matured version. In your first post, you showed your true colors and basically accused all scientists of fabricating evidence for it. Not just that, but you based half your argument on the most common misconception about evolution that exists, which shows that no, you haven't learned about it at all. All you've done is read a few hit pieces written by people who have no idea about even the most basic tenets of evolution. You've proven that haven't read and considered any of the evidence you speak about. To put it simply: you are a liar. Edit: damn, #230 got there ahead of me.

Sorry, the full title is: "On the Origin of Species by Natural Selection". Also, laurenlou, I don't mean to attack you personally, but I think it a shame that a potentially informed, aware, and bright youth should subscribe to such outdated ideas.

Death threat ? Really ? ôo Damn.. People nowadays are crazy.

Pretty sure sending a death threat isn't a new thing, people have been crazy forever!

It's not for a job they just don't think evolution should be taught because its stupid and fake

28- I hope you mean 'because: its "stupid and fake" ' and not 'because its stupid and fake', if the latter, please take your creationist arse off the internet, and go find proof of the creator.

Mister_Triangle 21

Teaching evolution would have gotten you ostracized 60 years ago. A few meaningless death threats from crazies is quite a step down. So, technically, people are less crazy these days. Still not very Christ-like of them though

Why does it have to be Christians who are making death threats? Muslims are the ones doing that now.

mduffy08 8

I probably will get bombarded by people for this. But I don't believe in evolution; here's the thing about education though. We're taught if we understand evolution and not what are beliefs are.

unknown_user5566 26

28- Your opinion on evolution is founded on "it's stupid and fake"? Seriously? I don't believe in evolution either, but if you're going to argue against it, at least do so in an intelligent manner.

RedPillSucks 31

You do realize that evolution goes on under our very noses and is not just a theory about what happened a long time ago, right? If you read Darwins book, you'll note that he's got observations to back up his general theory, not just speculation. As a creationist, you might not want to believe in evolutionary anthropology, but you best damn sure believe in evolution or you can pretty much throw out all observation based science, like the Medieval Catholic Church did. Hemlock, anyone?

I just thumbed up you because I find you pretty.

unknown_user5566 26

164- My mistake. When I speak about evolution, I am usually referring to the "big bang" theory when it comes to how to world was created. I do actually believe that evolution took place (and is still happening) after God initially created the universe.

Schizomaniac 24

"When I said evolution I meant the Big Bang." Lolz. Please do not carry this conversation any further. I beg you.

I swear I'm not being a bitch, I'm just super curious... What do you think happened during the Big Bang?

RedPillSucks 31

Please note that evolution and the big bang are two separate theories. Evolution is a fully established theory, proved via observation in both the fossil record and multigenerational animal observation. The big bang is an evolving (no pun intended) theory that is still being established, but is widely recognized as proved (I think they've worked things back to within milli/nanoseconds where modern physical laws break down).

And you must not believe in evolution and god unless you think god made a few bacteria which is not what the bible says and that they evolved into other things then monkeys then us.

I don't get why people send things like that, it's stupid.

I don't get why "people of god" do things like that. I'm not religious at all but I've read all three bibles. Isn't a commandment thou shall not kill?

It is. We just have people of different denominations who "hath Righteous Zeal, and shall use the Hand of God to smite the non-believers to bring Glory to God." My denomination taught me to hate the sin, not the sinner.

Well Moses did kill a bunch of people including children right after he was told by god "thou shalt not kill" so I can see where christians could get confused.

153, exactly! People send death threats (and some have made good on their threats) yet they claim to have a close relationship to God or whichever higher power they believe in.

RedPillSucks 31

It's not just Christians. All religious texts, including the three Abrahamic based (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) have wars where one side or the other was "instructed by God" to kill every last man/woman/child once they conquered XYZ... Religious zealots justify murder by saying "God told me to". In the bible, you don't have to look much further than Leviticus.

"Geology rocks"... A tip of the hat to you, sir/madam.

Get you're Thor's hammer and helm and say, you want the quick version of "The Big Namg Theory"? Or you going to sit down and hear it?

It's kind of amazing how you kept it for so long

whiteboy896 9

It's also amazing how many times people say that because of a couple of dumbasses.

4 I don't know how you just lost your faith over this. People love threatening the lives of others, just for the hell of it. Take Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber; both of which have had numerous threats on their life. Yea their music is not great but people will think of any excuse to kill.

Psych101 9

16- That is not true at all. "People will think of any excuse to kill?" Not everyone is a maniac. Sure, many people overreact, but people don't generally look for excuses to kill.

39 I was referring to the population of fanatics in the world who senselessly threaten the lives of others.If you think that people don't think of excuses to kill then maybe you should do some research on maritime battles and World History. Still you have your opinion and I have mine.

It's pretty bad that you lose your faith in humanity after an FML post. Out of the 7 billion people on the planet, I believe the majority of them are all reasonable, rational people. Unfortunately we only hear of the bad ones thanks to the news.

101 - Or combat deployments, almost everyone in the Middle East is unreasonable at the moment...even the great "Free Syrian Army" are monstrously beheading their prisoners.

mduffy08 8

67 - so your trying to say that I want to kill you right now?

12: But with all the FMLs that are posted about people being stupid, it would make a whole bunch of dumb asses not just a couple

whiteboy896 9

Its okay OP, not everyone can be smart :)

hopsinlove17 26

Wait, What?! And the whole time I thought I was smart...-_-

manlaw1 3

Hm he's a professor in college a geology teacher teaching evolution to students and he or she is not smart how ? ....

114, pretty sure they we're talking about the people threatening the professor.

Kallian_fml 21

So... when will there be a job opening for a geology teacher?

That's a bit unnecessary, we don't want OP to die!

You did worse: you killed a funny cynical joke.

Don't worry guys, I buried Mr. Anti-joke.

celiiceegee 6

Did You Send Him A Death Threat First..? :p

Whoever sent it is clearly still in ape-form

Shadowvoid 33

I'm sure the note came to him as a series of grunts, ooh ooh's, and aah aah's. the note also smelled like bananas infused with fecal matter.

"Stop teaching evolution before I ooh ah the boopy bah out of you!"

RedPillSucks 31

People are extremely sensitive about how the world formed. I wrote a paper on intelligent design once and it did not go over well. Just stick to your guns op, you will be fine.

X_Codes 11

If you're talking about what I think you're talking about, then it's because intelligent design is stupid. We KNOW evolution is how humanity came about. You can argue that intelligent design is the why, but you can't say that an invisible, flying spaghetti monster snapped his fingers and, bam, humans. We KNOW that's not how it happened.

You mean you don't believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster? It is his noodly appendages that formed our frail human forms. In his name we devour all things noodly. Ramen. Joking aside, intelligent design is as good of a theory as autism linked to vaccines...entirely based on a load of bollocks.

RedPillSucks 31

How would you "Know" this? Just because you think you understand a part of the process, doesn't mean you have complete understanding. Intelligent design is basically just saying that science and religion don't have to be polar opposites. You can have evolution/cosmological theory AND the belief in a deity. Does it not occur to any of you that most of the scientists that came up with these theories actually DID/DO believe in a God?

No, intelligent design is Christianity's way of wiggling into science. They're not trying to work with science, they're trying to show their beliefs in a pseudo-scientific manner. I'm not saying religion can't work with science ever, or that there never could be a deity, but intelligent design is just another name for creationism.

RedPillSucks 31

I thought the big difference between intelligent design and creationism was that creationism denies things like evolution or the big bang, while intelligent design does not. It "simply" says that a creator is the source of those things. I wouldn't call it pseudo science. I wouldn't call it science at all. It's a faith matter that seeks to reconcile science as it is today with belief.

The big difference between intelligent design and evolution is that intelligent design is based off revelation rather than evidence. So pretty much anyone can make up anything they want when they talk about intelligent design, it has absolutely no basis in science.

I think "stupid" is a strong word for intelligent design. It seems to me it simply seeks to fill the huge gaping hole in the evolutionary theory, which is this: Every living thing evolved from simple single celled organisms through natural selection in order to become more fit for survival as a species. Yet simple single celled organisms are the most fit for survival, as evidenced by the presence of countless millions of them on any given surface when measured against the comparatively infinitesimal world population of complex species. Why then would species evolve to be more complex if it is detrimental to their survival as a species? I'm not saying evolution isn't real. On the contrary, I think there is near undeniable evidence that both micro and macro evolution occur, however I think that explanation of evolution as the origin of complex life is no more based in scientific fact than the Garden of Eden. To me, the idea of a creative being makes far more sense. It also seems that the scientific community is ever trying to explain away God from any natural process, no matter how ridiculous the explanation is. They can never simply admit, "Gee, I don't know." For example, there is a phenomenon of the members of certain species, including humans in particular, risking their own lives to save those who do not share their genes. The scientific explanation for this is that the hero saves the one in peril so that one day the one saved will return the favor when their hero is in danger. Yet how many instances could there possibly be in which the favor was actually returned as compared to instances in which the hero lost his/her life? That explanation simply makes no statistical sense. But scientists won't consider the possibility of a God given compassionate soul, and any scientist who does suggest this, or anything else that involves God or is otherwise contradictory to their conventional wisdom, is effectively shunned from the scientific community. The scientific community is much like the medieval church in that respect. Now I brace for thumbs down.

scarface90 8

Metaphysical claims such a the existence of a deity or the human "soul" are simply unfalsifiable...meaning there is no way to disapprove or prove it because there NO scientific tool that would be able to test it... Metaphysical claims fall outside the boundaries of science and become a matter of either you believe It exists or not since there is no way to prove otherwise

224, Very true, and I agree with you on that point. I just seems that scientists come up with ridiculous theories for things they cannot explain, as if conceding to the mere possibility of the existence of the devine, or even their own inability to explain natural processes, is somehow beneath them. I don't expect any scientist to form an official theory or experiment involving the divine, however I think they would do the world, and themselves, a great favor by not discrediting themselves by coming up with theories that anyone with a critical mind and average intelligence can refute with simple logic. Those two examples I gave of nonsensical scientific theory are just a couple more recent examples. There have been more ridiculous ones in the past. It was once believed that mice materialized out of wheat, and maggots out of rotting meat. That theory has since been disproved and so it just goes to show that scientists have indeed been wrong in the past. I don't think it's too much to ask that they admit that they don't know everything. And sure, there are now scientific explanations for things people once could only explain with the divine, but every time we learn something new about the universe and how it works, we discover new and deeper mysteries. That will never change.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Excuse the irony, but "oh my ******* god." There's so much bullshit in both of your comments that I wouldn't know where to start even if I felt like wasting my time going point-to-point. I'm just gonna say that I'm sure Jesus would've had something to say about accusing thousands of people of basically lying through their teeth about stuff, based on no evidence of your own. Oh, and by the way, modern science that's founded on rigorous cross-examination, peer review, and copious amounts of observable evidence? Yeah, that's a relatively modern thing. Your references to those middle-age, glorified witch-doctors and mouse abiogenesis from wheat is so far off the mark, I'm not sure if you actually believe it's comparable, or if you're just a shitty troll. Scientists don't make shit up off the top of their heads. You're thinking of unqualified laypeople who think they know better than all the tens of thousands of experts in their different fields. You're one of those arrogant people, and you're just slandering by this point -- real Christian of you. That's all I'm going to say to that kind of offensive, unbelievable garbage.

I believe that there is a God and that evolution occurred; who's to say that God doesn't control evolution? That has been my train of thought since elementary school, and no, I was far from being raised as a Christian or Catholic or Muslim, etc, so religion has nothing to do with my theory. There are some things that can't be explained, and I believe that the supernatural cannot be explained. Why is my sister still alive after 5 years of her brain bleeding from being hit by a car (when our parents were told by the emergency room doctors that she will die within next week) with NO medical attention other than MRI scans? Some things are unexplainable. Physics can always be proven wrong like everything else in the world; a physicist once told me that. You might believe wholeheartedly that there was the big bang, but in 50 years, they can disprove that, so are you truly any "better" than those who believe in a God? Let's not insult each other because we don't agree with each other. God or the lack of God doesn't cause problems and fighting; it's the ignorance of people that do. Everyone must be open-minded to everything.

Science and believing in a God dont necessarily have to be separate. I don't know if you can technically classify me in a religion, but I don't care. I believe that they can be intertwined.

Interesting, 229, except those examples I gave were in college approved biology text books. I didn't make them up. I also notice you gave no explanation to counter my refuting them. I'm sorry. Did I shit all over your understanding of the universe?

dominic1221 6

Hah, right. College textbooks from when? Mine never claimed mice spontaneously manifest out of wheat. That sounds like stuff from charlatans centuries ago, like that other guy said. How about showing us? Oh and your last sentence said everything about your true character, well done.

oj101 33

I see Mitt's presidential campaign is all alive and well...

Keep them in a file. You can then use it as evidence if/when necessary.