By surfernerd6987 - United States
Today, I received an email from a temp agency trying to hire me. Surprisingly, it was the same job I was just laid off from after two years of great employment. They were trying to hire me at half my original salary. FML
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  underaegis  |  0

I perfer to think of laws as suggustions yknow like the bible but real ppl will kill you if u get cought. at least u have the option which,
is a good thing...Right?

By  theswarm666x  |  1

i think they can't directly drop your salary, but i guess firing you knowing you'd want to get your job back is a loop-hole. i think this makes more sense than my original post.

BTW: i rushed my first post because i was excited about being the first to post FML, lol. i guess this statement is overplayed though... but i am honest.

By  AUT_student  |  0

why did they fire you? if they fired you because the job was now surplus to requirements, you now have proof that the job is not surplus to requirements. check the specs of the offered job, because if it is essentially the same as your previous role, you may have a grievance against them for unfair dismissal.

check with a 'real' lawyer though, cause I can't dispense advice through here, without specific knowledge.