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  XxxT3rr4xxX  |  25

lol watch out its a trap! oh damn...too late dude fyl but on the bright side frame it and move on Lmao or get it fixed through our trusty justice system that has seemingly screwed you over in the first place :P

  Bees_fml  |  0

I don't know why "Grammar Nazi" gained societal acceptance so quickly after the Holocaust, but family members of mine were killed by Nazis, and I'm far from alone in that. So what you said is more offensive than any racial slur.

  DABEARSS34  |  0

I'm Jewish too, but I use the phrase "grammar Nazi" all the time. It's just a phrase, plus be glad people are making fun of Nazis instead of admiring them.

  FreePali  |  0

My family is being killed now, every day--so now I become offended every time I hear the word Israel. Would that work for you? Does that fall within your line of reasoning?

Thanks for trying to neuter language. Quit trying to be so PC.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Not sure where you live but a friend of mine tried to get an order against her abusive ex. They said she needed proof that he was still a threat to her or that her fear was justified. He forced her into his car, beat her, and left her on the side of the road.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Unfortunately, this stuff is not treated the same way every where. Some judges hand them out like candy, while others practically require you to have the guy stab you in court before they'll believe you.

By  perlie559  |  0

what the hell?!? u should have that cleared up asap cause it can cause u problems when seeking a job--> EVERY EMPLOYEER does background checks now n days!!