By xmeatballx21 - 03/06/2011 09:57 - United States

Today, I received a phone call from my old boss asking me why I wasn't at work, to which I responded, "Because you fired me yesterday". He didn't say anything, and hung up. FML
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no, sounds like you just fired yourself.

Show up tomorrow and if he asks why say it's because he hired you.


no, sounds like you just fired yourself.

You wouldn't go to your job if you knew you were fired the day before. OP isn't to blame, it's the idiot boss. FYL OP.

But what he should have done is play it off. "Why did you miss work?" "Sorry, [excuse]." "Well make sure you're there tomorrow!!" "Ok." Even if they DID eventually find out, the worst they could do would be to fire him.

Did you also happen to be fired via text message?

haha it would have been funny If the boss was like your damn right I fired you.

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lol your boss is an idiot

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24 - or they could Milton OP, office space. except you run the risk of not having a glitch, and have to fight for pay. court. etc. Unless it went like this OP: what are you going to do, fire me? Boss: Yep. OP: leaves. not actually ever officially fired.

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he just wanted to hear you say it

24 that would work except usually the boss that is in charge of employees and attendance isnt in charge of writing the checks so the OP would be working for free.

well the boss didnt remember so he could have said he was sick and forgot to call in sick. stupid OP

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Op, you should have said "sorry, your loss. Guess you never know what you got until you fire it."

your boss has no balls

You have no balls

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your damn fine daveyy.

Nice. Your ex-boss seems like a very smart man.

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Oops, forgot to say "just kidding"

I bet he fired you by text too.

Bhahaha I giggled! XD

maybe the fire text was meant for boss' girlfriend... "I'm sick of you! we're threw! I wish you the best! Take care".

Boss thought. shit... I was drunk yesterday and mad... heard from my gf I tried to break up with her yesterday... maybe I did... can't remember... :panic: :click:

It's spelled "through" in that context. Hope you aren't trying to impress potential employers with your spelling.

If he is that dumb tomorrow walk in and pretend you still work there

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Very nice! High Five!

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You should have said "Because I fired you"

You're better off working for someone who isn't an idiot!

Better to work for an idiot with money than a Poor Genius

I beg to differ. But whatever.

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In real life, it is always better to have an idiotic boss, trust me. When you start having a real job, you will understand.

No a smart boss who knows what he's doing will always be the better option. I'd rather do it right the first time and unfortunately if you don't know this you might want to get a serious job

a real job??? lol I OWN my own business. So fuck off please

Bakery which I make 6 figures a year and I'm also going to school for prelaw. what are you doing with your life? Sitting on your ass and reading fmls all day?

my dads a lawyer. say whattap! better than ur dumb bakery.

but... you are not the lawyer... so, how can you say their bakery is dumb? you sound like an entitled trust fund baby... unless you meant dumb and in mute, then yes it most likely is... as it is a bakery, not a living being...

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That's what I was thinking! Just say "sorry sir!" and get back to work!

You're doing it wrong!