By A - 04/06/2011 19:48 - Canada

Today, I received a phone call at work about an emergency and I had to come home immediately. I arrived to find that no one had been hurt and the house hadn't burned down. The "emergency" was my mom ran out of milk and cigarettes. FML
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JacksonCampbell 9

Buy a cow.

Unless your mother is infirm, I'd say the emergency is that she's a lazy and entitled old bat.


But that IS an emergency? What if she was eating Oreos? You can't have Oreos without a glass of milk?

Maybe the kitties were trying to steal the milk, well then. Jog on kitties..

mtlooney225 0

get her orange juice and candy cigarettes! haha

Milk and cigarettes feels like a weird combination to me.

They're actually pretty delicious blended together.

The real "emergency" is figuring out a lie to tell to your boss/co-workers what had happen

PurpleRae420 0

Haha sounds like my mom

-_- this is from the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous... and I'm guessing OP works at a funeral home, applying makeup to dead people while tap dancing.

tsim_fml 0

Can't OP's Mother get the milk from her breasts?

ohrlynao 0

Thank you, #1, for this delightful, insightful comment.

JacksonCampbell 9

Buy a cow.

that also buys cigarettes for her

This is why I treasure and admire my calf.

15 is the udder definition of à propo!

The calf doesn't give you milk, you have to keep a female pregnant. & milk it 3 times a day.

Elenachka 0

#44- is there a pun intended? if not, that's utterly the most hilarious typo ever

Way to successfully kill the joke, Stephanie.

JacksonCampbell 9

64 - You're right. that was udderly hilarious.

EmoGiana 0

Damn, she sounds cool.

EmoGiana I have yet to see one of your comments rated positive.

The milk is crucial to life. I'm not sure about the cigarettes though.

milk isn't crucial at all, it's actually a pretty lousy food, difficult to digest (impossible for some) it has a lot of fat in it, and when handled improperly it can carry some horrible diseases. there are much better sources of calcium out there too, milk is not needed at all, unless you are a suckling infant, or a baby cow.

It's crucial to my life! Can't live without ma milk.

IndiRae 9

I'' pretty sure a baby cow the same as a suckling infant, or is there some special baby cow milk I'm unaware of? P:

lilclare 0

well did you get it?

I'm guessing OP's mother does too...

Can't live without your 2% and smokes.

Unless your mother is infirm, I'd say the emergency is that she's a lazy and entitled old bat.

Bams430 0

Emergency indeed

it's received not recieved

who the hell are you saying that to 11?