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Today, I received a panicked email from one of my university students on my course on Russian history, stating that he'd "always thought Stalin was fake, like the moon landing". FML
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How did he make it onto a university?

I weep for humanity


How is he paranoid? Also I hope your student was just "Stalin" for extra time op because if he was serious, I don't think he has a good chance of passing your class.

Not paranoid #1, but very ignorant

this is what you did with 1st comment?

It can be paranoia, they believe the government lied about the moon landing.

I weep for humanity

It wasn't her fault. She was just stalin'

This made me cringe..

Imagine what will happen when you show him the picture with Stalin, Churchill and the US president whose name I forget.

I think it was Roosevelt who was in that picture...if my memory still works haha!

Imagine what'll happen when he shows him a picture of Stalin on the moon.

Easy, #4..! It's photoshopped! Ha!

#16 it was president woodrow wilson

It was President Roosevelt and later Truman. Woodrow Wilson was president in ww1

How did he make it onto a university?

its because collage admissions are biased in favor of males

Conspiracy theories....

True theories*

Stalin? Real. Moon landing? Ehh... I don't think so..

Well it looks like you have your job cut out for you, teach! Hopefully this student knows more than they put on.

More than they LET on

That's when I wonder how these kids get into a University...

With the time you took to type this, you could have re-read the FML to try to make better sense of what little there is ;)

Your student was Putin on a show. Clearly he's Stalin on his Sputnik project.