By tj85 - / Wednesday 17 February 2010 19:49 / United States
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  AngryNinja  |  1

revenge isn't a threesome. don't reply to the first post just so you look cool.

since your cheatin'-ass husband obviously broke off the affair, call up his mistress and you BOTH can reap your revenge. try shaving his fingers backwards.. i've heard it hurts. o_o

  snakebite009  |  0

@Angryninja, Why does her husband cheating excuse violence? She could have been a terrible wife. His mistress could have been incredibly hot, i'm sure he had a good reason.

  schwinn11  |  0

If you have pictures of this chick naked, then you should be posting them anywhere possible.
You could even post an ad on craigslist, with pics, email, and phone number if you have it.
She'll get phone calls and emails non-stop

  AngryNinja  |  1

.... i was kidding about the violence.

there's no excuse for cheating. if she was a bad wife, he should have divorced her, not had a three-month-long affair, no matter how hot the mistress is. you're a fucking dumbass for thinking that a chick being hot is a good reason to cheat on the woman you stood in front of your family and friends and took as your own because you say you love her and always will. T_T

  smilefreely  |  0

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I was thinking the exact same thing for snaebite009 [; ugh. men like that. that's why marriage is...a scary thing. so much commitment...and you can NEVER EVER trust someone 100%...ugh...

  marsty  |  0

lol I agree with angry ninja... grab the mistress, and reap your revenge together. go to his work and humiliate him, tell his friends, shave his eyebrows while he sleeps... Mua ha haaa

  BlueBomber  |  0

It makes me sad that infidelity is common enough that texas_justice's little axiom is recognizably common. While we're talking about it, though: wow, what an incredibly stupid axiom. You may think faithful spouses / SOs are elusive, but we exist.

  Tripout  |  0

@ 61 WTF D8 NNNNOOOOOOO U JUST DONT DO THAT. plz never mention that again -_- that's something guys never wanna hear. idk y girls think it's funny it's not like we say we're gonna skin ur nipples n cut ur clit n half along with sewin u up -_- ONCE AGAIN.....PLEASE never mention that again. I thank you ;)

  escualida  |  0

@26: are you seriously implying that the wife being horrible or the mistress being "hot" makes it OK to have an affair? If you're unhappy in a marriage the mature, adult, honorable thing to do is tell your spouse that it's over and THEN move on. Not cheat! Geez people like you make me lose faith in humanity!

  magnetic_aura  |  26

#31 - That's revenge porn. Not only is it a major violation of trust (granted, mistress-wife relationship isn't known for its trust) but it's also illegal. The woman sent OP those pics for a reason, the reason wasn't for them to be plastered all over town. OP is rightfully upset, but getting revenge on that woman serves no purpose. Hopefully, OP has a prenup. She can use the pictures to get alimony or a settlement from her husband and be ridiculously happy. Which is the best revenge!

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

You can sue for just about anything in this country, yeah? Sleep waxing is good but I'd start a little further south. Nothing says, "Bitch wake up; I'm leaving you!" like ripping off ball hairs.

  Ajjas013  |  6

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but pornography is worth even more.

You can have some great foreplay with that. Send me your adress, I'll hook you up. I'll send some snails, a clown, Barney, and a bingo set. You'll be set for the next... 3 years.