By Hornymuch - 02/11/2012 11:35 - Germany

Today, I realized why it's a bad idea to store your business cards and your "emergency condom" in the same handbag compartment. I realized this after a client watched me miss the cards and pull out the condom after our lunch meeting. FML
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Well, if he's that kind of client...

That's some risky business.


Well, if he's that kind of client...

The client might've been a girl... That might have been slightly less awkward.

You should have said, "oh sorry, this is for my night job" ... Then slowly place condom back in briefcase

raraisbang 12

9, how? It would've been more awkward if the client was a guy, seeing as OP is a female.

raraisbang 12

Oops, my mistake misread 9's comment. *puts on shameface* Feel free to thumb me into oblivion, guys!

StalkerChick 13

In porn logic, they would've banged on the lunch table.

Oh no! The internet's broken! *hides in bomb shelter*

That could have turned into an awkward misunderstanding...

Because someone pulling out condoms to give to you instead of their business card isn't awkward or misunderstanding at all

siickman 7

2, i am pretty sure it already was an awkward misunderstanding. If it wasn't, then i don't think we would be reading about it on here. Just saying o_o

Derp, nuff said.

That's some risky business.

Airman1988 9

No it just means he is prepared for business or pleasure lol

olpally 32

24- that comment is a movie reference... Great movie btw. :)

Actually it's not as risky if you use a condom... ;)

Are you having sex with an iron condom? Because I've personally broken a few, and it's still risky.

perdix 29

Or risqué business, as the case may be ;)

49 - putting it over your head does often come with the risk of tearing it up.

KiddNYC1O 20

24- "You're the business, this is pleasure." *Files blade*

NicollieO 7

FYL! But you should have known to keep condoms away from anything business-like.

Never keep condoms and business cards together. Common sense OP.

Then you probably won't need business cards. Only condoms.

Osito2011 9

Sex must have bee on op's mind, or the texture of the condom wrapper must have felt like business card paper.

spiritfang11237 16

53 - if it is that kind of buisness the condoms can be the buisness card. just put the information on the wrapper and vola, you just killed two birds with one stone.

You guys are reading into this one way too hard.

trp2wondrland 9

I hope he had a good sense of humor

I'd laugh, I can see a mistake like that being made, but I guess not everybody would.

CheeseTron 15

He probably saw it as an opportunity

I sure hope he didn't.

Marrach 7

Unless , he's a fat man who eats cake.

11, he probably did. But he did find out she practices safe sex.

You should get a small zip up purse or clothe container to store your condoms in so that it's always covered in your bag. That way nothing embarrassing will happen if your bag's contents spill and there's no way you'll accidentally hand someone something you'll regret.

So did the client purchase your merchandise?

At least you're practicing safe sex!

Cum on, OP! That was willy irresponsible of you. An idiotic move like that could have severe cocksiquesnces in the future. With luck, it didn't rubber the wrong way, and I hope you apologized for your latex act of stupidity. Learn from this phallicy, and if all goes well it won't happen again.

BellaBelle_fml 23

My god! The puns are amazing! Woo!

Doc? Please, he can't do anything to me! It's not like he's a god or anyth

Sex time, be more careful!

Werken247 14

Well done MiM, very impressive!

Hopefully this won't dicktate the future of her job.