By Hornymuch - / Friday 2 November 2012 11:35 / Germany
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  siickman  |  7

2, i am pretty sure it already was an awkward misunderstanding. If it wasn't, then i don't think we would be reading about it on here. Just saying o_o

By  letmehavemytea  |  21

You should get a small zip up purse or clothe container to store your condoms in so that it's always covered in your bag. That way nothing embarrassing will happen if your bag's contents spill and there's no way you'll accidentally hand someone something you'll regret.

By  ManInTheMachine  |  19

Cum on, OP! That was willy irresponsible of you.

An idiotic move like that could have severe cocksiquesnces in the future. With luck, it didn't rubber the wrong way, and I hope you apologized for your latex act of stupidity. Learn from this phallicy, and if all goes well it won't happen again.

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