By footbloodfountain - Canada
Today, I realized why buying clear pins for the wall is a bad idea. If one falls out, you won't be able to see it with your eyes, but your foot will find it just fine. I also learnt foot wounds can produce a pretty significant geyser of blood. FML
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  AddeU  |  0

I stepped on one a while ago. It got jammed into my heel and it took me about 30 mins of slowly twitching with a fork to get it out.


#63 I've stepped on a staple and a tack before. Neither takes that much time or effort. If you want to really feel pain, try stepping on some glass and letting that get stuck in your foot.

  attaboy368  |  20

I am rubbing my heel to remove the phantom pain caused by reading that. I can remember when we were kids a girl I knew was banned from touching the stapler when we had papers to turn in. Every time she did she "accidentally" stapled her hand! weird


It hurts way worse than a needle. When you get cramps, it feels like someone is stabbing your uterus. Oh, and did I mention this wonderful sensation can last up to 3 days straight?

  boredblonde  |  17

Actually it can hurt much worse. Some girls have horrible cramps for days while on their cycle. Guys never experienced it; I don't understand why they belittle our pain.

  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

I understand the things girls go through with their periods, I just don't like the fact that a guy pulled the "girls have it worse, quit complaning" card.

Meh, whatever floats your boat...


Wow, okay... There's was no point in pointing out that girls have it worse when on their period. No one really cares.
Besides, we don't know if OP is a boy or girl. So shut the fuck up, #6.


Or if you are like me, bleed for a week with cramps AND step on a rusty nail and bleed all over the floor from that- then proceed to er for pain relief for period and tetanus for the nail. Ayup. :p

  ShroomsOnAcid  |  16

For some women, menstrual cramps can be the worst pain they've experienced in their life. Well, perhaps only beaten by childbirth. That said, it was an unnecessary comparison in this case. Still, I'm pretty sure 6 was just making a joke, not intending for anyone to take it seriously or start an argument.

  Nursewilly  |  0

More importantly, you girls are all missing the big picture. No matter how bad either the pain of the pin or the period, men have it worse. We have the pain of putting up with your periods, which can be the equivalent of dancing on a bed of pins. Go take some Midol and get back in the kitchen.