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I'm dreading the $4 point! Right now my gas prices in Oklahoma range from $3.43-3.79. Gas is such an evil necessity. I live in a town where there really isn't public transportation, so it's either drive or walk.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

128, I let my boyfriend sleep over all the time because his work is only 3 miles away from my place. I really believe we are missing parts of the conversation the Original Poster and her boyfriend. For all we know, it could be one reason why and that's what she focused on.

By  TorturedXeno  |  27

Very economical.
And jerkish, too.

  Psych101  |  9

Actually, I don't know if it's really that jerkish. From the way the FML was worded, it sounded like OP's boyfriend never said that was his reason. Instead, it sounded like that's what OP thought, which could just mean she's slightly paranoid.

If OP had a legitimate reason to think that, however, then it is pretty jerkish.

  Psych101  |  9

54- He would be a jerk because he's basically staying with her to save money, not to help build their relationship.

And the key word in your comment was probably. We don't know what he does with it.

  Psych101  |  9

70- I wasn't saying that he can't spend it on OP, I was just saying that we don't know what he does with it.

If he does spend it on her, then this shouldn't even be an FML. But we can't tell with just the information given.

  Drigr  |  9

Yeah, I'm really curious how she "realized" this. Was he dumb enough to tell her it? Or did she go "I live closer to his work than his house... OMG HES ONLY SPENDING TIME WITH ME CAUSE ITS CLOSER TO WORK WHAT A DOUCHEBAG!!!!!"

  kyleekay  |  25

44- That does seem outrageous, but I'm curious, what is minimum wage there? That likely has a lot to do with it.

In AZ gas is about $3.60 right now, but minimum wage is only $7.35 an hour.

  chellyX92  |  8

I thought the minimum wage for the US was a federal set level of $7.25. That's what the OSHA poster says in my break room. Does it vary state to state?

  Trix_Disorder  |  20

108 - Yes, it varies by state, but the lowest it can be is $7.25 (in most cases). If the job is not subject to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, then state, city, or other local laws may determine the minimum wage.

  tabbycat2007  |  22

108- yes, $7.25 is the minimum allowed by law, but each state can vary their minimum wage based on cost of living and things like that. So some states have a higher minimum wage, but that normally means it costs more to live there.

By  kyleekay  |  25

I am so torn between thinking your boyfriend is clever, and thinking he's kind of an ass.

I guess you should be happy he's sleeping over at all, and maybe give him another reason why sleeping over at your place rocks. ;)