By Anonymous - 30/07/2011 04:35 - United States

Today, I realized the only reason my boyfriend is dating me is because he has a pimple fetish. FML
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so cherries aren't the only thing he likes to pop?


What. The. Fcuk?

puss....pussy. hey, they're just one letter different

43 - It's actually a 2 letter difference. It's actually spelled "pus".

I have a gaping wound fetish. hey, everyones different right?

maybe OP should tell her boyfriend that she is only dating him to make another guy jealous.

That's nasty. Use an acne treatment just to teach that loser a lesson.

50 you got that one right lol

That's three words.

80- are you stupid?

77, to break out more? Proactiv sucks.

80 is retarded to think proactiv was 3 words and to think 'one word' was included in one word

actually for the first 2 weeks proactive makes you break out ALOT because it extracts all the pimples from underneath your skin, but if you keep using it all your acne will go away , trust me proactive is amazing

Well, that's a new one.

I said the same thing :S

I didnt even know that freakin existed

it's zittastic! :3

I said the same ! thing lol

lol 149 we think alike then

To each their own

so cherries aren't the only thing he likes to pop?

maybe he does like popping pimples

thank you 20 for explaining that one

3- Haha that's hilarious!

so? be happy you have someone who loves you for you!

Thank God 20 is here for me. Otherwise I would have been confused. -_-

Link5794 18

He doesn't love her or her, he loves her for her pimples.

Kinda scary. O.o

only kinda lol your either brave, optimistic or crazier lol

23. Wat happened. U agreed with me in the other comment lol

Lol doesn't mean I'll always agree miss :P

EW how does that even happen does he caress your pimples massaging grease into them only to have them gigantic bulbous puss filled blemishes on your face that are just waiting to be popped..... Thats sick FYL OP

you over exaggerated. calm down.

I believe someone else has a pimple fetish

She tried way to hard to be funny with that comment...

6 - Take a breather and add some commas. Thanks.

who the hell would think of that? gross.

whoa there buddy. you kind of went off into your own little pimple fantasy just then! everybody, see how many negative votes we can give this guy!

ummm....thanks for that very graphic comment. blegh.

I threw up a little in my mouth when I read I read that comment!

Haha I think she went from being disgusted to semi turned out but didn't want to show it so she played it cool. ;)

I think 6 had a zit orgasm...

Over did that one. Obviously by her grammar.

You are disgusting.

i was eating lunch. im done now.

Who reads FML while eating lunch?? lol

that's Hella gross srry

that ain't right !

I hate fmls like this, they make me feel sick! Fyl OP!

I hate fmls like this, they make me feel sick! Fyl OP!

Ew ! I feel bad for you.. & your boyfriend has issues. Just sayin' .