By _akwardsituation - 01/01/2010 06:07 - Canada

Today, I realized the odd smell I've been trying to get out of the house is coming from me. FML
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ever heard of soap?

YDI for not washing .ewww


Blue_Coconuts 7

hi Jaimee!

cucuto89 0

its cause you need to get out of the house more, woman.

it's called deoderant

You're either indian or its your time of the month... which is it?

YDI for not washing .ewww

take a fucking shower, smelly bich

Soooooo... did you get rid of yourself?

wtf. . . rofl how would you not know a smell is coming from you...?

dudeitsdanny 9

I think she might be the same woman who didn't pick up the rotting rat corpse for a month, thinking it was a dust bunny. What's with all the unhygienic women lately? Geez, and they complain about us men ;D

Well why should we have to stay clean if you guys don't? :|

because u're women, not get back to kitchen!

ever heard of soap?

do what the French do. no, not bathe, wear lots of fragrance. jk, it doesn't work. get yourself wet.

I really wonder where does this prejudice against French people come from... That being said, I am amazed at how you could have not noticed the smell followed you outside your house too.

redhead12 0

Though it certainly seems that the French get the brunt of the "no washing" prejudice, it's important to know that Americans do tend to have more of a "cleanliness obsession" than some other countries. Whenever I've traveled abroad, the locals are always shocked that I shower more than once a day - that's a very American thing.

Then again I know some people who sometimes only shower twice a week, I think it's disgusting, but some americans just don't care.


how could you smell it if it's you? wouldn't you be used to it?

it's one of two things A; you don't shower or B; you roll in mud all day I'm guessing B

Or C, both. I'm going with C

perdix 29

Douchebag! No, I'm not calling you names -- that's a way to get rid of that odd smell.

it's one of two things, either A; you don't shower or B; you roll in mud all day. I'm guessing B