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  dudeitsdanny  |  9

I think she might be the same woman who didn't pick up the rotting rat corpse for a month, thinking it was a dust bunny.

What's with all the unhygienic women lately? Geez, and they complain about us men ;D

  Bouzinoise  |  0

I really wonder where does this prejudice against French people come from...
That being said, I am amazed at how you could have not noticed the smell followed you outside your house too.

  redhead12  |  0

Though it certainly seems that the French get the brunt of the "no washing" prejudice, it's important to know that Americans do tend to have more of a "cleanliness obsession" than some other countries. Whenever I've traveled abroad, the locals are always shocked that I shower more than once a day - that's a very American thing.