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Today, I realized the guy I've been hooking up with has a daughter who is a year younger than me. As if that wasn't bad enough, I also found out she had a child of her own. I've been hooking up with a grandpa. FML
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And how is this story going to end? They are all going to appear on the Jerry Springer show.

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Yeah, so what? You are letting the man have his sexy-time with you. And for you to not notice, man, he is one stud!

HELL YA lol, epic grandpa win! man he is my idol >:]

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Sorry, but Jerry Springer is much too classy for these aforementioned individuals. MAURY FOR THEM BITCHES.

@100- Yeah, because that totally doesn't happen anywhere else in the world, douchebag.

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id like to see that episide when it happens

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I guess **** runs in the family

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I've never called fake on an fml before, but I seriously don't believe this. How old is he?

yeah rly, i mean for that to be tru he would hav to b like 20-30 years older than u sayin that he has a daughter. say he was 13, then it would b about 13-15 years before his daughter could b yeah...this is fake as hell unless u like older which point the grandpa thing is ur own fault.

Some girls like older men you know, as long as some guys like older women... :)

#4 - Of all the FMLs on this site, THIS is the one you don't believe?!

I agree with janedoe. I'm married to an older man. He doesn't have any kids though. Well he does now, but they're mine. He didn't when I met him. LOL

yeah if she liked older men...but apparently she doesn't i mean how could u believe that sum1 who is prolly 30-40 doesnt hav atleast 1 kid...the grand child i guess but i mean rly? its fake. haha

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There are alot I don't believe. I just don't run around calling "FAKEEEEEEEE" on them.

Ever heard about teen pregnancies? seems to be something happening :p

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this is probably one of the few fmls that are actually true. i believe it - my step mom is 23 and my dad is 38. he was a teen father and my sister (21) a teen mother. he was a grandfather at 35.

She never said how old she was. They could both be adults. This is actually very possible if you take a number of factors into consideration. Of course we're missing a lot of details.

ok so im not saying its impossible but i mean if she didnt expect him to have had kids by like 35-40 shes just stupid. and if his daughter is 1 year younger than her that makes a difference how? granddaughter i could understand bein a little confused about but rly?

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YDI for not checking his background 1st!! even if he told u something else u should of checked...n thats on you for being w/ an older man n expecting him not to have had a life b4 u came along...wat is w/ girls who go 4 guys like that then complain about their previous lives >.> n u had to kno that he was older so dont even lie about that.

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With the numbers 37 gave its certainly possible, but like 62 noted, your home work. Honestly it seems like you have no right to complain because he was the guy you were "hooking up with" I might be wrong, but if you were dating wouldnt you say boyfriend instead of guy I am hooking up with? So if you arent even dating, who cares? You have sex with some random guy you didnt even bother to get to know and now you are complaining when you find out he has a grandkid? Its your fault. You are lucky your FML isnt "today I found out that the guy I was hooking up with has aids....the condom broke"

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umm....obviously she doesn't like older men...she freaked out because she thought he was a grandpa. i'm assuming this guy probably looked a lot younger than he was.

This is directed at # 62 Really? I mean, just really? Reread your comment and think over the things you said. 1.) YDI for not checking his background 1st!! even if he told u something else u should of checked - How is she supposed to check these things? Generally, in relationships, when someone tells their significant other about themselves, the first thought in their head isn't "I bet he's lying. God, I just know it." Was she supposed to hire a private investigator? If she did that with every guy she started dating, I'd say she had problems. 2.) n thats on you for being w/ an older man n expecting him not to have had a life b4 u came along...wat is w/ girls who go 4 guys like that then complain about their previous lives - I don't think she was really complaining about his previous life. I think it was more the fact that she was JUST informed that he had a daughter who was only a year younger, and who had a child of her own. If she had known in the first place, she may not have started a relationship with him, because stuff like that is going to turn out awkward, and if the daughter is still relatively young, she'll likely end up hating her dad for dating someone so close to her age. 3.) n u had to kno that he was older so dont even lie about that. - Where did the OP ever say that she didn't know his age? Considering the fact that the youngest people (generally) end up having kids is about 17, if he had his daughter when he was 17, and she is now maybe 18, with a child of her own, that puts the guy at about 35-40, and the OP at about 19 or 20. Unless he was pretty amazing for his age, with no gray hairs, receding hairline, wrinkles, or other signs of aging, I'm sure she knew he was a fair bit older than herself. She never said she though he was her age, so where do you figure she's lying about it? I had to reread your comment several time just to get through your elementary grammar skills and figure out what you were trying to say, and then what you were trying to say turned out to be as pathetic as your grammar. If you expect your thoughts to be taken seriously, attempt to make them legible to the rest of the intelligent world.

check "his background"? I am 41 and I sleep with girls of about 20. I usually tell them I'm 34 (I'm lucky to look like I really were 30+). But after 2 - 3 times in bed I tell them my real age. I love to watch their faces when they do the calculation. And guess what: none of them wanted to quit after being told the truth. And this is not because I give them presents or something. On the contrary: they are ready to come by bus from the other end of the city if I tell them my car is broken and so on. But instead, I am careful, I always listen (or pretend) to what they have to say, and I use calendar in my phone to "remember" those silly things like birthdays or "ten weeks anniversary". So the author of the commented FML does not have to be disappointed with the "grandpa". She might be shocked, but so far she DID NOT NOTICE this 20-year difference.

Sorry to burst your bubble but 90% of the FML's on here are fake.

W/o the details, it's a total meh and nothing more. Ok, maybe it's a plea for attention. I guess there aren't any 'down-town' intersections in Iowa for OP to hike her skirt up for attention so she came here.

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#125 - ewuh, you're icky and probably have AIDS. :/

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it's not improbable when you think about it, Lets say he had his daughter when he was 16, and she's started young, so in theory he only has to be late thirties...

Exactly right it's probably one of the true ones.. My husband is 37 and he is a grandfather. He doesn't have anything to with them but I didn't know about them when I first met him. He decided to tell me after we were engaged. Yes I was upset but I also understood. He doesn't have anything to do with them. They aren't in his life anymore so why should I worry. The same could be for OP. You never know..

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So? If you like him, should it matter?

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She said she was "hooking up" with him, so I gathered that she isn't super interested in him (like a relationship), but is just in it for the fun. That kind of decreases the fun factor a little bit when you find out things like these.

let me get this straight, your dating someone who is old enough to be your dad?

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Oh, goody, now we get to hear all of the "YDI for being a **** and having sex before marriage" comments. Don't listen to them, OP, there's nothing wrong with enjoying sex. Although...I do have to say...ew. :)

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lmao kaylee you are what we guys like to call "practise girls" you put out easily so we can impress girls we auctually want to continue dating

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Wow, it's like you totally know everything about me and my sexual habits from a single comment expressing my opinion! By the way, that was sarcasm. Just because someone doesn't live in the Victorian Era doesn't mean they're a ****! Go have fun with your "practice girls!" You'll probably need it.

Kaylee wins. Unregistered is the lamest troll on this site. Don't feed him.

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I hope you dump him. That's just creepy.