By bitchsawmebuyit - United States - Yorktown Heights
Today, I realized the dress I bought yesterday still had the security tag on. I returned to the store to get it removed, only to realize my receipt was misplaced. The lady at the counter thought I stole it, called security, and had me escorted out, dress-less. FML
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  free2speak  |  14

That's incredibly rude of the sales associate. When I worked at a retail store, we couldn't check customer's bags if the beeper went off unless they explicitly consented to not minding their bag searched. My point is, that we were required to always give the customer benefit of doubt. Maybe there was a security camera? In any case, if it's a chain, contact the customer service and tell them your story. Some companies even reply via Facebook. Hopefully they will not only give you your dress back but also some kind of compensation (gift card/coupon) for the trouble and embarrassment. I'd be extremely mad if this happened to me. You didn't deserve this OP!

Edit: didn't mean to thread-jack! Thought I was making a separate comment and accidentally replied to #1.

  winkydog4056  |  16

#34_I think our dear pradip got soooo excited about a nude woman, he creamed his pants. Trying to make a joke of it, he went soft.

  Teyros  |  24

Is that your car? And hey, everyone is free to comment on FML. It's fun to see what people have to say regardless of whether they fit into what is going on or not.

  Shrike  |  22

No it's not. What planet do you live on? You sound like a sexist with a chip on your shoulder, making shit up so you can have an excuse to attack men. Piss off, yeah?

  mb2_native  |  15

No, but I bet she found found it once she got home and got dressed. Shit like that always happens to me, lose something until something happened, and after its over... You find it.

  Teyros  |  24

It's always good to be optimistic. There's always a silver lining.. I wouldn't go back to a store where the cashier would let me get thrown out, even when she saw me. So now OP knows where not to go clothes shopping. And as someone mentioned above yes.. Keep the receipt close for next time! :-P

  monocyte  |  4

I'm hoping OP knows where it was misplaced and can return to them with evidence. I hate the way she was wrongfully accused. With or without the receipt, I'd declare war.

  capper44  |  18

Or Op can file a report against her. So that cops make them to view the security tape and then get OP's dress back, plus make them right an apology letter.

  DigitalFusion  |  4

First off, FYL for being in the US. Here in Canada there are laws to protect people from this sort of thing - doesn't mean stupid people might not do this sort of thing, but as loss prevention I can't stop you on mere suspicion. Unless I personally saw you pick that dress up while in the store, I can't touch you.
If I was in the security officers position, I would calmly ask you if you could come review the tapes with me - either of you walking in with the dress, or of you purchasing it, or both if possible.
If you refused, you'd be free to go. I may ask for contact information, but you don't have to share and I'd review the tapes anyway, contacting either you or the police after seeing the tapes, as necessary.
If I touched you or your property as was the case in this FML I could be charged.

Because you're in the states, the S/O had the right to detain you on suspicion, and chose to let you go without the merchandise. He didn't do anything illegal, but if you can prove your innocence you could sue the store and involved employees for slander, public humiliation, defamation of character, pretty much anything you can think of. Your justice system is unbelievably open to litigation.

  emilyjgraham  |  34

If she's got no proof she'll be wasting their time. All I can't think of it to ask for any security cameras to be checked if they have any dating back to the purchase.

  white16sox  |  19

Imagine being a 911 operator and getting that phone call.
Operator: 911 what's your emergency?
OP: I bought a dress but the security tag was still on. When I came back to have it removed I didn't have the receipt so they took my dress and had me escorted out!
Operator: And you'd like the police?
OP: Yes.
Operator: *facepalm*


You don't have to call 911, you can call their general line even just to get a police report started. Also, if she paid with debit/credit card her statements would show a purchase at that location at the cost if the dress.