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Ahh, he's just like a real friend, taking your money!

You should friend him in Facebook


Ahh, he's just like a real friend, taking your money!

#1 wins the thread. OP, you don't have friends? How the hell did you manage that? No-one to interrupt, annoy and complain to you. Sounds like bliss!

You should friend him in Facebook

Yeah!! Add him on facebook. Confess your dying love for his friendship, and then ask him to the movies!!

YDI for being a loser and not socializing more :/

kill yourself another FML saved by TheHo

YDI for being in debt

This is your fault. Maybe u should lose whatever aspect you have that keeps u from making friends. Plus your in debt which is also your fault. Double YDI.

um i don't think its as easy as "losing what keeps you from making friends", sure if the issue is like you stink or have a bad attitude sure that would work, but what if the person has social anxiety disorder? you can't just change that

I find your lack of empathy disturbing

omg me too! But it's not a debt collector, it's my mom.

This comment was the best comment I read in 2009.

Mom for a friend is fun except when you are sneaking off somewhere.

#7 - hilarious... and disturbing if it's true :D #17 - indeed

If I don't call my mother at least every other day she comes to my house to make sure I'm okay. Seriously. The truth is, in a weird way, I enjoy it. It's nice to know that your mother cares... even if it is kind of crazy and obsessive.

Make no mistake... he does not like you either.

where's the like button?

Pay your bills then, no-one likes a scrounger, so no wonder you have no friends