By dawn - Canada - Red Deer
Today, I realized that whenever I use emoticons, I tend to make the same face in real life. My coworkers gleefully showed me various pictures with my tongue out, face scrunched up, and so on, while staring at my phone. They've already made their way around the office. FML
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  Futacy  |  29

Plenty of people do that, I do that. Some of your coworkers probably do that too, they just don't realize it or they just don't admit it because they don't know it's normal.

  chokefrantic  |  9

I make odd faces all the time, and not always deliberately. I'll often get asked "Why are you looking at me like that?" Apparently I'm also good at doing the David Silverman face unintentionally.

By  s0ulslack  |  20

That's like people that spaz out while first playing a console gaming system. When they jump they tend to jerk the controllers up etc, learn to control it or deal with the mockery! :p