By Anonymous - 20/03/2013 16:08 - United States - Arlington

Today, I realized that the smell of chlorine has started to turn me on, probably because my girlfriend has an indoor pool in her house. Guess who works as a swim instructor. FML
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Let free willy swim!!

You'd better strap that shit down, son. Or make sure your pool water is as cold as possible to ensure maximum shrinkage.


Let free willy swim!!

At least the smell of chloroform doesn't get you turned on. That would make you a rapist, or the victim of repetitive rapping's.

Well atleast you don't work with little kids, right..?

If he does work with little kids, he should quit and save himself possible jail time or lawsuits. I don't think the excuse "the chlorine made me do it" will be taken seriously.

It's funny because when I was moderating this, it did say he worked with children, but for some reason it got removed.

that would suck to get a boner in the middle of your job..

Unless he's instructing her at her house..

You're as bad as the guy with the air freshener! I wonder if there's therapy for overactive olfactory association...

Woah, I'm not exactly innocent and I've got some strange turn-ons... But chlorine?! Interesting... More power to ya' dude! (:

You'd better strap that shit down, son. Or make sure your pool water is as cold as possible to ensure maximum shrinkage.

Hahah! Yea.. In the hot tub the other day with my crush, nude, snowing outside.. Grabbed snow and lathered it on his penis, he actually quite enjoyed it. Still hard! Hopefully he just invests in a nose plug..

Maybe it's just me...but you sound like a whore when you go on here and say it like you're trying to brag of something...I also think you're a bit of a whore for doing that stuff when he's just a crush...not even friends with benefits or anything...

Or* stupid editing time

Don't worry, I'm sute the parents of the kids you teach will see the funny side... Maybe?

Or tear off your nose and put tape over the holes.

That's what Voldemort did as a pool keeper for the Slytherin Water Polo team.

I usually associate smells with fond memories too but it's normally cologne or cinnamon. :P

Cinnamon? Scented candles maybe? Christmas must be awkward for you. Did you know that the smell of Good and Plenty candies, and cucumbers have been scientifically proven to turn women on? The same is true about Lavender with men.