By anon - 11/10/2011 11:52 - United States

Today, I realized that the redneck, hick, abusive family that my co-workers always joke about is my family. FML
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I say you invite them over for dinner.

If you can't spot the weird guy on the bus odds are it's you. (family in this case)


This is the FIRST original FML in a while... What a fag your co worker is...

Is fag really the right word for this? Perhaps dick or ass something along those lines

Sorry! That's embarrassing! I wonder what they would do if you joined in and acted like you didn't know they were talking about you...

Just play along

I say you invite them over for dinner.

Buck! Cletus! Get yer guns! I hear some city folk er makin' fun of us! (misspelled on purpose)

If you can't spot the weird guy on the bus odds are it's you. (family in this case)

How I met your mother??? Love that show! :)

If they're doing that now, imagine what will happen when your cousin applies for a job.

What would make them say that? Maybe you should talk about their stuck up attitude!

What's that I hear? Could it be.... banjos playing in the distance? I think it is!

Don't forget the mellow base of a empty jug! Can't have a proper redneck band without one.

"you just take down them there panties, boy"...

"You sure do got a purdy mouth..."

69 - did I read a Korn reference? Damn now I gotta come up with a clever joke or I'll get thumbed down for being off-topic...What do you call a lesbian dinosaur? A Lickalotapuss.

Yes, I referenced Korn and Jerry Jeff Walker in the same FML. Is it winning or just an overabundance of music genres on my iPod? Probably a little bit of both, I suppose.

It always contains at least a bit of truth, weird that you didn't find out until today..

Doesn't that suck when you realize that they are not laughing with you but laughing at you