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Today, I realized that the only things I gained from my Masters programs are more debt and the knowledge that you can use a semicolon in a list. FML
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mshafty 0

NO WAY. You went out and got a bullshit degree with bad job prospects and now can't get a job. Haven't seen this FMY before!!

You can use a semicolon in a list? Wow.


mshafty 0

NO WAY. You went out and got a bullshit degree with bad job prospects and now can't get a job. Haven't seen this FMY before!!

F**k My Yo-Yo? F**k My Yarn? F**k My Youth? F**k My Yogurt? F**k My Youngster?

I applaud the sarcasm!

well there you go. when some physcopath kidnapps you and a bunch of other people and traps you in his rape cave and says that he only will release whoever makes the best list, then it will have been worth it.

WHERE ARE YOUR SEMICOLONS ROBIN!!!!!We can see you don't have a masters......

(sighs) Alas my big secret is out. I, Brave_Sir_Robin, do not possess a Master's degree in the use of semi-colons. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a drive-thru to operate.

mshafty 0

Robin! come on I totally meant "f my yahooo"!!

"F**k My Youngster" would have had me over there in a heartbeat with some Wendy's, brownies, condoms, and a sheep outfit for the "youngster" to wear. On another note, I rea... (Chris Hansen appears from the back room) "Hi, Brave_Sir_Robin AKA Peter Townshend of the band 'The Who.' Why don't you take a seat over there for me?"

Go ahead BSR show Demon your newly shaved semi-colons.

Averizzle 0

Wow, you sir win for La Petite Turette south reference..

Everybody knows a degree in semicolonography is only good if you intend to go to work administering semicolonoscapies. Duh.

natedog193 0

yes mr hansen, I'll take f**k my youngster for $200

..I learned that in middle school. if you didn't know that you could ydi for being so stupid.

He was not afraid to die, oh brave sir robin! That song will be in my head forever o_o

Well, maybe you should have tried harder. It's not anyone's job to force you to learn anymore, and at this level, you get back what you put in!

Especially in a master's program where students are expected to research and develop their own ideas. I don't know what the OP went to school for, but I know that in a literature MA program, you are expected to not only have an original critical thought, but motivate yourself to learn as much on the subject as possible so that you are truly knowledgeable about your field. My friends with fine arts MFA's were similarly necessarily self-reliant. Even harder subjects like mathematics don't just want to mass produced carbon copies of the same basic student. They're looking for people that love math enough to the point we're they're willing to entire those higher fields, to dedicate a good chunk of their lives to the study, and who are able and eager to teach themselves advanced concepts and fields. Of course, you could just as easily float through all the motions, do exactly what is asked, and get your master's just like you can at almost any level of education. But since so much of post-grad studies are suppose to focus on your own interests, people assume that you're willing to put in the effort to educate yourself. Can you tell I'm a total fangirl for academia? Oh, there is nothing hotter than a man with a master's. Well, maybe me with my master's. But that is assuming that those men are the kind of people that love a subject so much that they don't just want to take a few college courses on it for the elective credit or read through a wikipedia article now and then. I realize that this a completely naive view of people that just happen to hold a certain degree and that a lot of people are like the OP - they get the chance to really focus in on something they love and instead come out with what they hope is a money making piece of paper and absolutely no knowledge on whatever it is they went into school for in the first place. But then you talk to the really geeky ones who want to tell you about how important knowing if a scientific theory is sound in the third as well as the all important twenty fourth dimension as if it's actually something that haunts most people's daily thoughts, and it's like love all over again.

You can use a semicolon in a list? Wow.

IDKWhatHappened 0

If the things in the list are complete sentences (or, for you grammar geeks out there, independent clauses) they must be separated by semi-colons. All one has to do is understand the general use of semi-colons in order for it to make sense. OP, YDI for not paying attention to grammar in grade school.

Agreed. But at least he finally learned this basic rule of grammar. Like they say, "Better late than never." It's better early than late, though.

Didn't everyone learn that back in eighth grade??

boreddoubletears 0

Or if they're places! ie, "We went to Pheonix, Arizona; Laguna Beach, California; and Austin, Texas.

IDKWhatHappened 0


You would think that after a week or so of constantly learning about semi colons you would have realized that it is not the career path for you. I'm sure you learned more than that and if that is all you retained from you education then I'll be giving you my order in a drive-thru one day...

OP needs to prove it because I don't believe him at all.

IDKWhatHappened 0

*her You know this totally sounds like a woman.

I based my statement on the assumption that the person who submitted this FML (anonymous) is a man since it says "anonymous (man)" as the submitter. However, given that it indeed sounds like a woman (perhaps a personal secretary) probably wrote it out for this guy since he/she/it has a Master's in semicolon use, well... You know what? I concede my point. Good jorb, IDKWhatHappened.

bigpapi210 0

I dont get it :/ lol

you got knowledge doesn't that count for something? wait it doesn't

olw25 0

should have studied and paid attention. u could join the military and go in as an officer...

hah. i knew that in jr. high. this fml would have been cooler if you used a semi-colon in it, too... irony ftw. fyl for being stupid and for wasting all that money.

You want me to feel bad for you because you made a bad decision concerning your education? What about the people who want one and can't get it? Kwitcherbitchin.