By childhoodupinsmoke - 30/11/2012 03:35 - United States - Austin

Today, I realized that the comforting, unique scent of my mother in my childhood was actually the smell of the marijuana she smokes. FML
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kut17 11

Look on the bright side. I bet you had cheetoes in every room of the house.


brobgp110 0

Ouch, what a way to remember your childhood.

bettykooler 7

He remembers it as "comforting and unique." Which isn't a bad thing at all. It's not like she was giving it to him since he had no idea what it was until now.

there's nothing wrong with his childhood.

I'll put it this way: would you rather be raised by stoner parents or alcoholic parents? Let's face it, the stoner parents are much less likrely to come home and beat the shit out of you.

crackz12 10

I agree, this doesnt sound like such a bad discovery. Perhaps bonding over a nice L will make you feel better

At least she wasn't a alcoholic. Right?

At least we aren't repeating what people already said.

EnigmaThe321 12

Your mother should have been more careful around you. :/

Why? If OP never noticed it until now I can't imagine that it would have made too much of a difference in his life.

Thursday737 7

how does it make her less careful? It would just make her more calm.

It's not that her mom necessarily smoked around her, the smell could linger on the mom's clothes and she would smell it when she hugged her. Smells connect to memory very strongly, it's the same reason why I smell Marlboro and think of my dad.

enormouselephant 15

How would a little girl know the difference between her mom on drugs if she didn't know what drugs were? Kids are abused and think its normal because that's what they grow up with. Not saying that's the same, just analogy.

enormouselephant 15

Ah I need to clarify my comment. I think it's not right that she was smoking around her or when with her. I'm saying it definitely could have affected her, the little girl just wouldn't have understood any of those things until maybe now.

StalkerChick 13

No, 81, they don't think it's normal or else they wouldn't lie to people at school about their bruises.

loccsta83 5

Why she didn't smoke it in front of her she only smelled it its legal in my state and preferable to drinking alcohol u fucking panzies.

enormouselephant 15

89- there are different types of abuse. I didn't know it was weird to be raped by family members until I was older. Thanks though!

It actually does make you less careful. You kinda lose sight of your current responsibilities. Second-hand smoke would also have been harmful to the kid. But again, we have no idea if she was smoking it around the kid, if she was smoking it elsewhere and the smell just lingered, there's no real harm done at all...

That explains why she always looked down on me...

It explains why she laughed at everything OP did as a child!

Sorry for the bad joke guys, bury me, I thumbed me down too

Being approved to thumbs down is so nice.

19- No need to give permission to what we've already done.

61-I didnt really mean to seem like I was giving permission, I was just acknowledging that I knew my comment sucked. sorry for the terrible wording. I really need to stop going on here at 4 am when I cant sleep.

kittytub 12

102, you're a penguin! what do you know? has same profile pic as me! D:

#104 I bet ops mom has something for your insomnia.

*kitty no longer has the same picture. And thanks, but I'll pass. Never been drunk, or high and proud of it

It wasn't 4am though.

yes it was. FML time is shown the same for everyone and wothout knowing where I live you have absolutely no idea what time it really was for me. it was 4 am...

kut17 11

Look on the bright side. I bet you had cheetoes in every room of the house.

83 When you get high, you get the munchies. Haven't you ever wondered why shaggy was always so hungry?

I've heard cheetoes is one of the best things to eat when you have the munchies. I prefer pretzels ;)

85 yea, a bunch of hippies who drive a Volkswagen that talk to there dog. It's not like they're on anything.

BlueFlatts 20

140 - Pretzels are my go to also, Cheetos are greasy and unhealthy.

SaintPeasy 3

I already have cotton-mouth when I smoke. The last thing I want to do is add something salty like pretzels to the problem.

thatKidzmOm 10

Personally I love waffles with peanut butter and jelly on them. And a large glass of chocolate milk. :-D

I was joking I don't smoke lol

156- Smoking is unhealthy but you're worried about a cheeto?

175- Actually marijuana was proven after 10 years of research to stop the spreading of cancer and helps you avoid getting cancer. Its actually not that bad for you.

Sugarsticks 2

Haha someone got the munchies

Pogos are the best

How did you realise? You smoking up too? ;)

dont drink and drive, smoke weed and fly

You don't have to smoke it to smell it, if someone else smokes it op could have smelled it.

It's a miracle you didn't become fat and slow.

Right, cause that was clearly stated in the post.

Almighty_Chris97 6

Also that clearly happens to everyone who smokes weed.

62, with that picture your comments on this FML need to be taken with a grain of salt. You clearly aren't impartial!

RedPillSucks 31

Few people on FML are

BlueFlatts 20

Yeah cause weed makes people fat and alcohol doesn't. Your reaction time is clearly faster after drinking. Anyone have a weed belly? Umm... Shouldn't you be bashing alcohol?

uchua 16

Yeah #7, we wouldn't want them to end up like you.

Did that sell always make you feel happy and relaxed? Or hungry?

ninjaqueen101 18

Stoner baby!

Waaaaay better than being a crack baby, if you asked me. Or if you had an alcoholic dad...

And definitely better than being a prom night dumpster baby.

Looks like you were able to weed out the possibilities, but it doesn't make scents on exactly how you figured it out. Don't mind that last line, I'm just blowing smoke at this point.

Don't you mean blowing out smoke at this joint? I wonder if the OP's mothers friends used to cone over and pipe on all about their new color green in their gardens. Though I suppose all these tokes about weed is a bit much to handle for the OP. I wonder if as a child hood Favourite games were puff puff pass, donut eating and Chinese face pulling?

RedPillSucks 31

Don't be blunt. And the child hood song was probably "Puff the magic dragon"

If people keep making these puns I'm ganja throw up.

At least you can attach a good memory to an awful smell.

I don't smoke, but weed smells pretty bomb.

I do smoke and weed is the best smell in the WORLD

Bad weed smells bad. Good weed smells /awesome.

jim_bolicious 4

one time after my mom found out(and disapproved) that I smoke weed, we were leaving a Calgary Stampeders game,and I noticed the lovely smell of weed and took big subtle whiff. then my mom smells it and says, "mmm something smells nice". then I had to explain to her that she had smelled weed. she has the smelling senses of a bloodhound and she loved it. I tried convincing her to try some but she wouldn't :(

Whoa tryin to get your mom to toke with you is going a bit far. But ya before I smoked I used to think those dead skunks on the road smelled awful but now I can't help but kinda enjoy them.

Why is it far I've smoked with my mom call it family bonding

Is it bad my mom smokes with me?

KiddNYC1O 20

In Amsterdam you get used to the smell =]