By Chacha69 - / Friday 8 February 2019 20:00 /
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By  Levi2411  |  37

For her to respond that quickly to another man... it's obvious her interest is in other people, and more than likely not in the platonic way. Because to me, that's a serious red flag, because I know when I'm seriously in love with someone-- I always prioritize that person over anyone else. And for her to do the opposite? OP, you deserve to feel cared about and loved. Always. I'm not telling you to dump her or get a divorce, that's a serious decision you need to come to, but I do hope you do what makes YOU happy and never settle for less. Best regards!

By  Cody Nelson  |  3

Been there and it was taken way further by her and I still don’t know the full truth. I had to drop her completely but instead of focusing on how much that lying lol bitch was a ho. I took a step back and just kept backing up for a fucking year after we ended things and finally got a good look at how not so picture perfect I was. Sometimes I don’t blame her for some of the things she did do. We are both unstable with childhoods that weren’t fair and didn’t realize what the real problem was until we were done. Hell Idk if she still sees it the same or if she has realized her flaws but That’s not gonna matter for my improvement so it is what it is