By KillingMeSlowly
Today, I realized that my two year old likes to help with the groceries. And by help I mean hide a bag of chicken. It's been two weeks since I went grocery shopping and I still can't find it, but it smells like something died in my house. FML
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  gogo44444  |  28

#45 it's because it has nothing to do with OP's FML, she hid the remote and if you lose the remote you can easily turn on the tv by the tv but OP's two year old daughter/son hid CHICKEN! A food that can attract bed bugs, ants and even worse to your house, and it's been in the house for two weeks so that's already bad because it maybe had already attracted the bugs to her home and maybe that's what she's worried about

  chuka81  |  27

You do realize that the OP stated the child is merely two years old? Unless the discipline simply entails explaining to the child that hiding bags if chicken is wrong, I don't see what else OP can do.

  nicole1765  |  14

Im pretty sure OP just has to check the lower house of everything. (Under the beds, the closet floors etc.) I have a two year cousin at home and while finding small things is difficult, finding big things (i.e the chicken) shouldn't be hard unless OP's house is big or has alot of stuff inside (as in crowded).