By rog3rli - / Saturday 13 November 2010 00:29 / United States
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  abplafcan  |  0

Yep same here, too. And you can't say I didn't pay attention; all 3 years I got As, and I remembered everything until the moment I stopped taking the class. Now I can only remember the extremely basic stuff that we learned during the first week of the Spanish One. >.< I just simply never used it in the real world.

  terranada  |  3

that's because learning a language in school is just for show. the only way you can really learn a language to speak it fluently is to speak it, not read from a textbook.
ex. you wanna learn Spanish? go live in a Spanish-speaking country for a while. I promise you'll learn more that way in about 5 months than those three years you wasted combined!

  terranada  |  3

That's cause you don't learn shit when you learn a language in school. The only way you can learn how to speak another language fluently is to move to that country. How do you think I learned English?

  pinkster2014  |  25

#84- It's: Yo tambien :)
And I learned a lot in my four years or so of middle and high school spanish but maybe that's just me. I retain a lot of knowledge and can remember the vocab and words from the textbook

  MrSassypants  |  31

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