By rog3rli - 13/11/2010 00:29 - United States

Today, I realized that even though I've taken three years of Spanish, the only words and phrases I can remember are from Dora the Explorer. FML
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OP, you are El stupido.

haha nice me too.


haha nice me too.

Today, I'm a huge faggot. FML

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same here... my dad forced me to take it.

#1 nice pic! for the glory of mother russia!! but seriously OP you fail at learning. Try paying attention and you might actually learn something.

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Yep same here, too. And you can't say I didn't pay attention; all 3 years I got As, and I remembered everything until the moment I stopped taking the class. Now I can only remember the extremely basic stuff that we learned during the first week of the Spanish One. >.< I just simply never used it in the real world.

terranada 3

that's because learning a language in school is just for show. the only way you can really learn a language to speak it fluently is to speak it, not read from a textbook. ex. you wanna learn Spanish? go live in a Spanish-speaking country for a while. I promise you'll learn more that way in about 5 months than those three years you wasted combined!

mi tambien.

but then again im in spanish 3 and am terrible at it!!!! :'

Si señor, el gato es no bueno. Pero mi gato es muy bueno y gordo! No se.

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el perro esta aqui! Su perro no esta aqui! uh oh! donde esta mi perro?!

I wana learn spanish :'(

terranada 3

That's cause you don't learn shit when you learn a language in school. The only way you can learn how to speak another language fluently is to move to that country. How do you think I learned English?

#84- It's: Yo tambien :) And I learned a lot in my four years or so of middle and high school spanish but maybe that's just me. I retain a lot of knowledge and can remember the vocab and words from the textbook

lol in Spanish learned the bad words first :)

dora isnt innocent either :)

Yeah Dora isn't innocent. One episode she was like "Come on boots you mother fucker let's go over the mountain!" Then boots said "iight bitch, but we doin it my way. We funna go around, instead of climbing a mountain with damn fucking alligators everywhere. Stupid mudda fuckin hoe" The worst part was I was watching it with my little brother!

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hey I guess that show works like it's suppose to :) ........... or your just stupid

How is your life fucked?? I like Dora the explorer.. :)

I've learned more Spanish from Maraca than Dora. And Mittens, too!

OP, you are El stupido.

tú eres stupido?

Sinkhole 26

Ustedes son estúpidos! :D

wouldn't it be il stupido masculine

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That's French! hahahaha

pinche carón, ustedes son estúpidos

Lo siento.

to madre es buena en la cama...

uhmm yeeeeeah. btw thats NOT French, and are you guys arguing over who is saying it correctly in Spanish?

Sinkhole 26

They're not arguing, roeallen, they're insulting each other! Well, except Aeope, he's just apologising, who knows what for!

uhm. your stupid cause you just said your the stupid idiot. learn your Spanish.

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most people learn more by having fun, so i guess the OP liked to watch Dora??

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#7 ur cute.

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lol I don't blame you, though I don't remember any of what she says, too distracted by her fine titties iykwim

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wat can u say!! those damn words and lyrics are catchy lol

ugh yeah?? Dora ftw!

WOO Dora Dora Dora the explorer, DORA!

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I had to take three years of Spanish in high school, and the teachers at my school were the worst. I hardly remember it now. :(

mine can't even spell half the Spanish words right.and her mothers cousin is the president of Mexico. -_-