By Thoughtless Wife
Today, my sister-in-law announced on Facebook that I did nothing for my husband's birthday. I'd just had major surgery, and I'm not allowed to drive or do much. We had a small party - just us and the kids - but didn't invite anyone over. I guess not inviting her meant we did nothing. FML
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  kirkaygri  |  18

I wouldn't even bother. If the SIL is low enough to post on Facebook like that, she's not even worth a rebuttal. The husband knows they did something and that's all that matters.

  manofmerr  |  27

I'm not trying to justify my comment to anyone who happens to come by, but i will say that two or three years later, and i had the exact same reaction.

By  1gullible_bugger  |  33

It's none of her business anyways, is it? Your family, you can do what you like. I'm sure your husband knows that. Don't sweat it, in this case your sister - in - law's opinion doesn't matter.