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  jpallan  |  3

Right. If she's viewing sex as "lie back and think of England", either she's supremely inhibited or she's supremely bored. Either way, this doesn't look so good for you.

  Mokiikom_fml  |  8

And considering the way OP is clueless and complaining about it in such a way, she's probably right.

Sex is good, with someone who knows what they're doing.

Learn to make her feel good, OP. Otherwise, how do you expect her to want to have sex with you???

  Mokiikom_fml  |  8

Guys, I have news for you, it was a joke. A joke about people waiting until after the marriage to have quick/rushed bad sex. (And not just waiting for sex period.)
Wow people don't pay attention while reading these days.

By  bubo_fml  |  10

"Nice guys finish last, because the lady always comes first!" If you follow this creedo, she'll be draggin' yo lil butt up to the bedroom! Be responsive, explore & discover what turns her on!