By QuickieGirl - 16/09/2011 11:28 - United States

Today, I realized my girlfriend thinks that the goal of sex is to get it over with as quickly as possible. FML
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She probably thinks its painful or uncomfortable.


Well...suck to be you

Then tell her it's not...?

No no no .... SHE sucks ... Hehe

What is with all these FML's about finishing too quickly lately?

15: Though I hate you, you mentioned a very good point.

15- You're so quick witted! ..

I thought that said oral sex. I clicked for nothing.

that's only with you ;-)

29- I'm not really sure why you hate me. Does it have to do with the message about me being "very handsome" that I didn't reply to?

I've been doing it wrong all these years.

38 - you're very handsome. Hahaha fail.

38: You did reply! And no, I'm not that shallow! It has a good reason.

Maybe you make her feel uncomfortable during it.

OP's name is QuickieGirl. Lesbians? In that case, what's there to get over with?

52- That's true, so was it because I didn't reply to you telling me you were moving to Canada?!

There aren't enough girls like her. FML.

Sex is the greatest way to show your love to your significant other...she doesn't love you very much bro

Wow you remember every detail about me! Must have had a very strong impression on you. And no, not because of that either

keyman and fthislyfe - so glad you guys are sharing with us! always wanted to know what other people are saying in private!

Right? Their back and forth is so rewarding and enriching to our lives. They should just fuck and get it over with.

so its not a race? ;)

Shit, and I thought I was a pro.

You may wanna brace yourself for an "it's you not me" talk. I'm just saying.

Right. If she's viewing sex as "lie back and think of England", either she's supremely inhibited or she's supremely bored. Either way, this doesn't look so good for you.

Or maybe she had a bad experience once and is having trouble getting over it.

Maybe she's having a bad experience with you -each time.

She probably thinks its painful or uncomfortable.

And considering the way OP is clueless and complaining about it in such a way, she's probably right. Sex is good, with someone who knows what they're doing. Learn to make her feel good, OP. Otherwise, how do you expect her to want to have sex with you???

Theres no point doing it

You have to make her finish before you finish.

It doesn't work that way.

Exactly! She'll enjoy it a lot better...& longer then.

Thought that wasn't supposed to happen until marriage

Lmao! That was a great response!

Who waits until marriage nowadays?

People who can't get any outside of marriage. ;)

Usually those who are comfortable with the idea of having a sole partner.

It was a joke? Umkay? Thanks.

94 - why would he joke about such a mature, beautiful thing? "Umkay?"

Then you're a terrible comedian and a shallow idiot. Thanks.

No that sounds like your average decent comedian sex joke. God forbid anybody who has different humour.

Guys, I have news for you, it was a joke. A joke about people waiting until after the marriage to have quick/rushed bad sex. (And not just waiting for sex period.) Wow people don't pay attention while reading these days.

because you're not good at it.

It's not? No wonder my pickup lines haven't been working.

"Nice guys finish last, because the lady always comes first!" If you follow this creedo, she'll be draggin' yo lil butt up to the bedroom! Be responsive, explore & discover what turns her on!