By LonelyBoy - 16/03/2010 05:12 - United States

Today, I realized my girlfriend has way more friends than I do. How did I realize this? She called me to tell me she was at the beach with her friends and how much fun she was having. I was playing WoW in my room, and my friends don't answer my texts. FML
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Your gf has more friends than you do...Quick, you better go kill yourself and end this intolerable injustice.

why not go hang out with your girlfriend and her friends?


Your gf has more friends than you do...Quick, you better go kill yourself and end this intolerable injustice.

great! just got a phone call from my bfs mother. he killed himself. why would you tell him to do that? -looking for a new bf who plays WoW and makes me feel a lot better about myself when I stand next to him-

wow > women

she may have friends but you have a level 60 elf warrior from the land of zulabog with golden armour and a super lava electric enhanced doom sword. yer....

From what I've seen playing video games too much makes you less socials... or is it the other way around? Anyways, I only know of one person who plays video games a lot and is actually social.

Oh dang. This sounds a lot like me. But without WoW and a girlfriend :P

ur life sucks to the guy before me

It's easy to play WoW and have a social life. I do it all the time.

WoW is the most social thing you could be doing. key word "MMORPG".

No, its the other way around, people who aren't very outgoing tend to be drawn to video games. Saying people who play video games aren't social is a flat out lie, look at all the people watching TV by them selves , at least gamers are talking to other people online. Most of them are shy or they just don't get along with the majority of people out there.

"I am socializing r-tard! I'm logged on to an MMORPG, with people from all over the world and getting XP with my party using teamspeak!"........ "What?! We can't give the Sword of a Thousand Truths to a noob!"

You know how you beat World of Warcraft!.................GO OUTSIDE!!!!

She may have more friends than you but you have a popular girlfriend while she is stuck dating some pathetic nerd no one likes. Who's the loser now, biotch? Oh...still you? Damn.

nice fail bro

haha... i laugh my ass of everytime this happen ... i just realize i never get to be first... fml

why not go hang out with your girlfriend and her friends?

Wow isn't causing social outcast is it? i play and im happy to say i am quite social. OP you need new mates , start with your gf's friends .

hi fifez, wow is awesome, I know a shit ton of jocks, nerds, ect. who play wow.

=/ fyl for not having friends

WoW is more fun than the beach anyways. For the Horde!! :)

Ajjas013 6

I never tried WoW but it sounds like fun (NOT REALLY) So... WoW FTW (Fuck the Women!)

ur dp look like a hard core wow player

Ajjas013 6

Thanks, I've never been hardcore before. Except at sex. And failing.

 5* for ahja at being hardcore sex im just saying

Ajjas I can guarentee you don't have hardcore sex. How can I guarentee? You don't have sex at all.

i only agree with the hardcore fail

I c wut u did thar

I sympathize. My boyfriend went on a road trip with friends to party in Louisiana today and specifically said that I was not invited. I've been at home playing Call of Duty and watching 90s sitcoms all day :(

Which call of duty?

because your sincere question has nothing to do with boobies right?

that doesn't sound so bad :3 I just wish I still had XBL :'(

ps3 all the way. why pay extra?

Hell yeah PS3. Everybody has xbox, though :(

I have ps3 too :0 just certain games go to cetain consoles >_> I prefer the online on xbox live for halo, gears of war and CoD, and use the ps3 for non-shooters like RPGs :0

because with ps3 everybodies connections are shit If I have to pay 60 a year for good connections so be it

maybe, but I just think paying for xbl is like paying for sex.

xbl's connections crapout too 0_o but yeah, the ps3 has failed me with online a lot more :(

pfft. I would pay for sex ;)

It's free, though. And still relatively new. I'm sure once it's been around longer that the lag will decrease drastically. At least I hope so.

@10 as fine as you are? If I were your bf, I'd definitely bring you with...

@35 hahaha. When I read it first I thought it said "I pray for sex".

well #40 with the 360 you pay for it and with the ps3 you pray for it.

rofl xD my bf loves that I play :) n he doesn't wanna go anywhere without me :p but when I with his friends I'm pretty much "one of the guys" :] n haha the pay n pray thing is priceless :')

Anyone else besides me want to marry these 2 gamer girls? Add me on xbox and ps3: troyboyd05

blaaaakely add wilkshire if dnt add coz of too many ppl send me message:) oh btw XBX MW2 every game a I played was shitty connection. why? different countries host, PS3 MW2 always full connection, that being said MW2 kinda sucks dick ATM, shit sniper, shit maps, stupid perks and even stupider design flaws. Infinity ward, YDI!!!

it's ok OP :) WoW is pretty addicting... but my friends actually answer my texts so idk how that played out :| *hugs OP* come now, let us raid :)

YDI for being pathetic! Get outta your dungeon once and awhile and see the real world!

been there, Got out. started meeting ppl, highly recommand u to do the same...