By blewidstepr - 16/05/2011 03:40

Today, I realized that my 3 year-old son, who is being potty trained, has better aim standing up to pee than his 30 year-old father. FML
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that's cause your 3 year old has 2 inches to aim versus however much distance your husband has to aim

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That was a pretty good chain of comments I just shit on. ;D

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25- you shit on comments? what?

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Not the best choice of words haha. in this case I was referring to ruining that string if comments; although I do literally shit on comments quite often.

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too my last comment, I meant of* not if.

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To your last comment you must have meant *to

wait until he holds his first beer, he'll be worse than his father

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#38 Well shit, I used the wrong "to". Don't take this offense lightly, I deserve to be punished. *hangs head in shame*

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I'm taking a shit right now, gotta love smartphones!

just to end this non-sense.. C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

66-I knew someone was was gonna say that

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holy **** I just saw a guy on a midget

this wad the greatist string of comments I have ever read... and the comment above mine made it even better for me =)

107 you deserve to be in the same position as 87

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that's cause your 3 year old has 2 inches to aim versus however much distance your husband has to aim

her son kicks his ass inthe piss department.

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yeah your son is closer to the ground. his penis only needs to hit a target 2 inches away while your husband has to aim a foot or 2 away (:

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exactly what I was thinking >.

I wanted to say that... she doesn't get it b/c she doesn't have one I guess

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hey I'm nearly 6 feet and my dick is 2 inches from the toilet not are fault the dad has a millimeter peter

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when i read this that is what i thought also

Or her husband is just lazy. It's one thing to miss... It's another thing entirely to miss and not clean up after yourself.

Maybe you're husbands dick has Parkinson

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that's such poor banter...

Smaller ones are easier to aim? I dunno, I'm a girl. If anything, I'd say f your wife/gf/so life - they are probably always stepping in your mess and having to clean it up. Maybe you neef to be re-pottytrained along with your son.

The wife posted this FML, not the husband.

LOL. That's what I get for reading these at 3 am instead of sleeping.

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6, it's not OP that needs to be retrained. It's the father that does

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Your son can now train your husband.

that's what you get for marrying a guy who has a small penis.